Tuesday, May 05, 2015

How stupid is spelled: T-E-X-A-S--and hello again, Auntie Beeb...

Dateline Garland TX--The state of Texas steps forward to be the first to donate to ISIS in the form of ISIS's first claim of an attack on American soil.

Stupid just doesn't get st00pider than that.


Speaking of st00pid, there's the BBC who apparently convinced YouTube that it has a copyright on science.  Of course I appealed again.  Come on, Auntie--take me to court and you'll lose. Science isn't copyrightable, it can only be patented provided that the patent is on a design, a process, or a device.  Show us your patents. At best, you could claim a trademark infringement with the use of the acronym TARDIS, but guess what--that wasn't used in the video you dispute.  Attempting to claim a copyright over the science of transdimensional engineering is an attempt to claim ownership of a public domain technology that has been in the public domain for over a thousand years.

You can't own public domain technology, and you can't copyright technology either--that, too, comes under patent law.  Your fiction is based on science and claiming ownership of the science your fiction is based on is like claiming that everyone who uses the phrase "I am very clever" is a copyright infringement because those words are an exact copy of a part of your script...what follows with that line of reasoning is your claiming ownership of the English language because your scripts are written in English. 

By all means, take me to court, sweetie--you'll lose.  Oh right--you claim copyright over "hello sweetie" too, betcha.  Go ahead--make my day. 

Friday UPDATE, UK Election Edition: Oh my dear dear giddy Auntie Beeb--the Tories have to go through the Scots to give you money for your frivolous escapades now, don't they.  See you in court, love.

Saturday UPDATE, UK Edition:  I have just been cleared by GoFundMe to set up a defense fund to fight this. I'm not done setting it up yet, though, so to all the people who are weary of YouTube's copyright trolls, this cause is just your cup of tea.  When it's fully set up, I'll post a link here. Watch this space.

Here we go: Help tell the BBC it's not above the law! Go Fund Me

Oh, come on Auntie Beeb, by all means let's give it a go.  It'll be fun and you'll launch me straight up into global notoriety. XD  What on the bloomin' Earth could possibly go wrong?

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