Friday, May 01, 2015

Baltimore, Ferguson, et al, and City of Enid

Just because I want news from elsewhere, that doesn't mean that I don't think the events in Baltimore aren't important.  They are, and they SHOULD have a direct impact on how our militarized Enid Police need to change THEIR long-held culture as well, and I think it deserves its own separate blog post.

And with that, I post a screenshot of what I just posted on Facebook in that regard:

+cityofenid @cityofenid #Ward5 #TammyWilson


Mini-UPDATE, You Go Girl Edition: NJ's Kelly was clearly characterized as a female stereotype in the indictments that came down over the Washington St. Bridge affair, and in her presser declared bollocks, as she should.  Anybody whose defense includes describing other people in terms of stereotypes have NO defense whatsoever.  Except by calling her what the Brits would call a woman--a bird--cuz she's clearly gonna be a singing canary stool pigeon.  YOU GO GIRL!!

Mini-UPDATE, Tristate Drumline Edition: For some unknown reason, the Drumline competition was friggin CANCELLED.  Last year there was some complaining about new scholastic standards which made some bands totally not show up at all because grades weren't maintained.  There are only 20 bands in this year's parade, too, but that has been on the decline over the last decade. WTF, people?!

Tri-State festivities wound up with the evening concert, but here's a segment of that concert I'll call a tribute to the videographer, ha.

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