Friday, May 22, 2015

I didn't fall into an Enid pothole, in case you were wondering...

Nope.  I've just been trying to keep up with the Keystone Kommissioners down at Enid City Hall, and it's kept me hopping with all those Special Sessions over that big government budget where they've gotta cut something but the vanity expenditures are somehow sacred cows to be sacrificed for nobody or nothin', not even a better water source arrangement even though Enid's on water rationing on even/odd arrangement (please don't ask me to explain that).

But ONE segment got finished, and that's the lampoon of the retiring Jon Stewart's Moment of Zen.  On Punched Out Judy, it's the Instance of Oy.  Behold:

Another spoof segment will be added due to the "discussions" about who talks over who in the last series of Commission sessions, and you savvy people out there will think "Between Two Ferns" at first, without a doubt--but due to the nature of the "discussions", ah, that's the part that's different in Judy's new segment "Just Among Fronds"

Yes. folks, that's Cow Parsley, aka Poison Hemlock.  Hey--fronds is fronds.  With fronds like that, who needs enemas?
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