Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Democrats' War on the President: TPP

It's been interesting, keeping an ear to the ground on the Left and thereby getting a chuckle out of Ed Schultz's show on MSNBC.  He's got a stand-in today but nonetheless, Schultz is an Air America alum as is Maddow, and I used to frequent its discussion board before Air America went belly up.  The election of the time the admin dinged me on a board violation was when Kerry and Edwards were running for the highest office and I mentioned that I had a problem with their voting records, and posted those records.  MAN did the bulls over there see red over that.

But in today's Schultz show, all the old arguments against the TPP resurfaced despite Obama's previous attempts to rebut them, all the way from saying it's 'way different from all previous trade agreements and there's no secrecy about it...until the Schultz show brought up the Most Favored Nation vote on China, which was the problem I had with the Kerry Edwards ticket.

Oh Eddie!  Hey--it was your Democrats that voted in favor of the UNCONDITIONAL MFN status of China, and Kerry even vetoed the condition that China be held accountable for MIAs/POWs.  Yup--military veteran John Kerry voted AGAINST adding that condition to be imposed on China for MFN status!  Go look it up, it's still on record!

Where Air America board denizens moved to: Radio Free Liberal
(and I'm STILL on their shit-list over there).

Oh--*my* opinion? I think President Obama makes more sense than the anti-TPP faction and that he successfully rebutted his critics.  The TPP is NOT your daddy's old trade agreement like the Democrats charge and although it's persuasive to claim "secrecy" by the fact that WikiLeaks leaked a draft-in-progress-subject-to-change-via-further-negotiations, fact remains that they did NOT leak a firm draft proposal because that simply doesn't yet exist yet.  Whatever drafts exist out there encompass what agreements with foreign nations that have been arrived at to this day and it's by no means a finished document with other stuff still under negotiation.
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