Saturday, May 16, 2015

Enid's recent fireworks--Radio Cairo update at the top!

Sunday UPDATE, Radio Cairo English to North America Edition:
I've always loved the music that has come from that station over the decades and was delighted to be invited to listen to the live stream, which is quite a trick to listen to if you don't have a Facebook account you can sign in with, and even so, it'll still ask you to establish an account before you can listen.  It's worth all that one-time trouble, though, if you ask me!  

The day after I posted this update, I got one piece of Sunni spam that had the tone of a recruitment message, saying that in a quest for deen I should follow a particular Imam. I will not name anyone mentioned by name in that message.  If you register for an account and have Islamic content  in your playlist, it's clear that you will be spammed in this manner.

 Presented by my FB Friend in Egypt, Mayar Adel.
They provide code for embedding, and I'm going to give that a shot below...

Well how about that, by golly!  Works only  when there IS a live stream scheduled, though, so mind the time.  Tonight I heard a very interesting take on events in Ukraine as the broadcast talked about a Ukraine envoy conducting discussions in Egypt during its Economics program.

I wasn't going to post about that just  yet, but I've noticed that traffic to this blog really skyrocketed toward this end of the week.  I also noticed that I'd gained a couple of new Followers on Twitter, I think I'd better say something about that even though at this point in time, commenting would be premature and considering what's playing out at this point in time, except to say that a request for an appointment has been delivered (the locals will know what I mean by that) and beyond that I can only say....


But by all means do please stay tuned for developments, which I can comment on only AFTER they happen first, and not before.  What happened will initiate a chain of events in the future, and so it wouldn't be wise to comment at this time. Just know that I'm just getting warmed up and the best is yet to be.  Tick tock goes the clock...and I tried to find a YouTube rendition of The When When Polka but apparently there's no such thing on Frankie Yankovic's Tick Tock Polka will just have to do for now.

Now.  It's funny with everybody talking about the past and the future, the value of now gets passed over.  But enough of all that--enjoy the polka, for I'm off to the restaurant at the end of the universe with Zaphod Beeblebrox (the IVth) via KUCO.  Much to my delight, after losing Vinyl Cafe on the CBC, I find him again on KUCO which now reruns snippets of it from its Story Exchange. G'night everybody!

Oh my dear giddy Autnie Beeb, you're just have to get over it, sweetie.  I couldn't be more serious about this than if I myself were facing the worst dread monsters you could ever dream up. Go help  yourself to a dozen pangalactic gargleblasters, why don't  ya--you sure could do with a different perspective on things. Go lie down in front of a bulldozer or something, and don't forget your towel. Go suck an orange or a lemon.

Late June mini-UPDATE: I know I promised an update on the aforementioned meeting, but, alas, the time stream is still in flux and there are still things I can't mention at this time.  Just know that more than just me knows for a fact certain things that will transpire, and they're just the right people to have this knowledge at this time.  Time, where it's timing that is this time. One need not be a time traveler to know that karma's a bitch.

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