Friday, October 03, 2014

Local, State issues override inernational at this time: Open Meetings/Records laws

Of course I'm aware of the fact that I've been posting local fru-fru considering all the more dire situations across the globe occurring at this time, but here's a reminder that this blog has Chinese minders, and, more recently, Russian minders and I'm not interested in censorship of any sort.

I spent most of the day yesterday in the Woodward area of Oklahoma because of the following newspaper article:

Notice at the very bottom, the inset referring to "Free Open Records Act seminar".  That's what I went to, and it actually covered both Open Meetings and Open Records, at which a booklet was handed out as well as discussed.  I have videos of that which I will post later.

The newspaper article mentions possible charges against the City of Enid regarding all of the following marked sections in the Table of Contents except the first one, which I'll address later.

The top marked item is what the City violated when it held a regular meeting of the Commission at Roman Nose instead of at city hall like it was supposed to do.

I also spent some quality time at Gloss Mountain, and I'll post pics of that here, but later.  Note to the Chinese and Russians: you don't have t his level of accountability, so don't be surprised when the people you govern don't comply with your forced "harmony". The road to actual true harmony is paved with accountability.

By all means, take a number of other shots.
Quite often, persistence pays off, when it's worth it.
 Never say "never".
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