Saturday, October 25, 2014

Great news about a long-standing bone of contention today

There's been a a new discovery of an old silent film about somebody thatI've been a long time fan of and it's the same somebody who was the celebrity recruiter for the 369th regiment--not the least bit obscure at the time.

Bert Williams' Wiki page


Late Breaking News UPDATE on the Mysterious Lab: Usually I'd put this update where I posted "Is This A Great State Or What", but I'm posting on the fly here, just getting in from a second installment of a lecture series on Oklahoma history (theme is water) and I've just barely sat myself down at the pooter. KFOR did another segment as an update to that old footage, and here's the LINK to that segment.  As a Fiend of Fear zombie, I feel like more than just the walking dead--looks like a resurrection is imminent. WOOT!

It's nice to know that at least one smart guy appreciates questions.
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