Friday, October 10, 2014

Congrats, Malala! --plus mini-updates

I've been pretty busy getting into mischief with regards to City affairs (and I can't divulge what just yet, although with my previous post about the Open Meeting Act in Oklahoma, you can get a hint about just a part of that), I do think I at least should post congratulations to Malala for being awarded the Peace Prize. No one deserves it more.

When it comes to the City, union negotiations with management, and a whole slew of other matters,  I've been an army of one, and can attest to the fact of Malala's statement.

Sunday UPDATE: In other international news (sort of), PAMBE Ghana of Oklahoma City has announced that their Fair Trade Global Market marketing festival is from November 4 thru December 23(I'm sure they have Christmas in mind), and I don't mind putting in a plug for that, having shopped there last year myself, noting just how definitely international they are, and keeping in mind the ebola crisis this year and how much stuff needs funding over there, generally speaking. Yes, corruption plays a huge part in why things are the way they are over there, so it's not smart to be as generous as your heart tells you to be with a lot of charities begging for relief for anywhere in Africa as we close in on the major holidays, but PAMBE Ghana is a good one.  

Monday-Tuesday UPDATE: I was going to write a blog entry about a TIME magazine article written by Mark Bittman in which he encourages cooking at home, from scratch...and I was gonna rip him for sounding like a man that never did the dishes after he cooks at home...BUT!...more opportunities for more mischief came up, and I went with the mischief.  Can't reveal what it is even yet, but you can bet I'll blog about it when the outcome becomes known. Heheheheheheheheh....

Wednesday UPDATE: CURSE YOU, JOHN OLIVER!!! edition

Just when I thought I could slide by Columbus Day, Oliver pipes up on Last Week Today and says, in other words, what I said last year except for the part where he suggests better Italians for Italian Americans to celebrate...

Last year it looked like I was gonna go with Joe Doce, but as long as Oliver dragged me back into this thing, this year I nominate Father Guido Sarducci.

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