Thursday, October 23, 2014

Congrats, ISIS--you're bringing the vermin out of hiding. Thank you.

It's about time you did some good for us in the west, and you're bringing all the psychopaths out of the woodwork so that we can get our constabulary out after 'em.  I'm sure an army of undisciplined psychopaths is exactly what you were looking for, right?

You were  looking for hand-to-hand combat with our great military and all you ever get is our great police. I can live with that, but can you, you silly ignoramuses?

It's no laughing matter that you butcher people who can't fight back, but it's laughable that the only people you think you look brave in killing are people who can't fight back while whining about going up against our military, you yellow bellied clowns.  Nobody but raving lunatics find you attractive...but still, thank you for identifying for our police the ones to lock up.  You're next.  No military for you.

May all your new "wives" bear nothing but daughters.


In other news today--it was with considerable delight that I discovered that I had a long time fan at one of Enid's major radio broadcasting companies.  WOOT!

Friday mini-UPDATE: getting into more clandestine mischief. Hell, I'm *always* in trouble. Deal with it.

Oh dear, yet another school shooting (Seattle). America, make note of politicians who think than an NRA endorsement is something to brag about, and vote them the hell out.

Saturday mini UPDATE:  Looks like I'm going as a banshee this year, not the time traveler. Hell, I do time traveler the rest of the year.

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