Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Is this a great state or what? Dr. Fear on KFOR & Updates

Sunday UPDATE: All things considered via my online social circles, I do believe I wanna skip over the entire month of September and get straight to the end of October, and I think this is clearly evident by the post I'm now updating. I am SO ready for Halloween.

...and there's Marie LaVeau...

....another update, cuz one of my Facebook friends brought to my attention that Angie Baby was turned into a cartoon.  Well, I'll be.

Looks like the good folks at the Oklahoma City TV station KFOR are fiends of Fear because they ran a very very VERY old Great State segment about the show being "Enid's answer to Count Gregore".  However, I just learned that KFOR also interviewed Brian just a few days ago.  I did say, in a previous post, that The Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear had been around a long, long time, and now here's the clip posted on YouTube which shows that...yeah, this is a great state.

What has changed since this originally aired is that Trinka is no longer with us; she passed away a few years ago, sorry to say.  The radio show went bye bye when the FCC shut down the radio station for various violations.  The show also no longer airs on "channel 11", as that's one of the 3 public access channels commandeered by the City when it shut down PEGASYS.  But that's not where the show started.  It was run on local low-power TV station KXOK-LP when it was owned by a lawyer...who eventually committed suicide.  There's a lot of *real* Halloween associated with this show, folks.

The radio show was on an LPFM station that had an engineering connection to KXOK-LP, which called itself "The Rocket", and its studio was in the same building as KXOK-LP: The Broadway Tower.  One has to wonder if the ghost of Rex Faulkner doesn't come back to haunt the building.

Oh, the Doctor is up to some other pranks but I'm not at liberty to reveal them just yet.  Y'all are just going to have to wait til Halloween.

So--where do I fit in?  I'm a zombie, that's where. And a banshee. And I know every spider in that basement on a first name basis.

The Mysterious Lab on YouTube
More about Count Gregore--who has also made appearances on The Mysterious Lab
I mentioned Count Gregore earlier in THIS post, when he won an award for "Army of Frankensteins"
Wikipedia's outdated page about PEGASYS mentions the show


John Ferguson aka Dr. Finski, aka Count Gregore.

Ohhhhhh MAAAAAAN am I ever in big trouble now.

Thursdsay UPDATE: It was supposed to be just a routine surgery, but she didn't make it through. R. I. P  Joan Rivers.  Just the other day I visited a friend in the hospital and that person told me of a particular sensitivity to the surgery anesthetic to the point where this person found breathing almost impossible, so the doctor found it necessary to effect immediate countermeasures for what my friend said was over-anesthesizing.  I can't help but wondering if the instance when Joan stopped breathing if this wasn't a similar case of that.  Michael Jackson's death from anesthetic overdose should be considered when considering this point even in the context of a minor/routine surgery.

The McDonnells were found guilty of conspiracy despite their defense by way of claiming the wife's infatuation with the giver of gifts.  GOOD!

Bob: guilty on 11 counts
Maureen: guilty on 8 counts.
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