Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday---America's religion pre-empts news. Again.

The show 60 Minutes has been delayed yet again for #!$!#@&*!! football, and I don't mean soccer. ISIS, not even you can get America's attention during football season.  Screw football--gimme HOOPS. Meh.

Oh yeah, I'm well aware of the fact that 3 high-profile suspensions in the NFL were in fact the news lately, and all of them had to do with domestic abuse, which I've addressed on this blog before, in general terms.

Football is a violent sport that has none of the trappings of gentleman sportsmanship that accompanies, say, rugby.  It's not just that sportsmanship in the traditional sense is discouraged in American football, but it fosters a culture of violence and nothing reflects that aspect more aptly than the female football fans that were asked to comment on camera.  Appalling. It's the sane fans who have their limits on loyalty, not the fans who remain loyal no matter what.

Fan loyalty is why the NFL is big business despite its official non-profit status.  The old saw "it's only a game" doesn't wash when looking at the high number of people who got maimed by it and died for it, and that includes the people who marry people in that violent religion and have kids by it and faithfully raise those kids to worship it too, all the while being tolerant of daddy when he brings his work home with him.

Please.  Too often, fan loyalty = insanity, and this is a prime case of it.  Sure, it's "just entertainment" but you gotta wonder about the sanity of people who are amused not just by the nature of their entertainments but also by the depth of their loyalty to those who conspire to pick the fans' pockets via such ephemera that leaves lasting marks on the youngsters, not to mention the women.

Me, I'm not a loyal fan of anything or anyone mainly because I've got higher standards than that. Now, come ON, America. Get your priorities straight and get on with something more important for a change.  Surprise me.

...and now I find out that the last story on 60 Minutes is about --yup-- fracgin' football. Meh and a half.

Monday mini-UPDATE: Still doing plumbing 'round here, but this time on a natural gas line. You can bet your sweet bippy I know how to do that correctly, too. Are you impressed yet, guys? Hey--up yours. Here's a valentine for you older guys, just as a note about certain unavoidable Facts of Life:

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