Monday, September 08, 2014

China thinks nobody notices? Plus a bunch of good Facebook images today.

I'm going to start on this post with the higher traffic I'm getting to this blog from China, no doubt coincidental to all that crap they've been pulling on a daily basis in the South China Sea.  Of course this blog has their attention as it has since the first "Chinese Occupy" event that occurred on Google Plus, and Blogger is owned by Google Plus, as is YouTube.  Shtuff is hitting the fan in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine and China thinks what--that we Americans are too busy to care especially since American football is going to be a priority now that school has started?  Silly China--we're still involved in TPP negotiations and so is Japan.  And the corporations big enough to hold sway over that are also big enough to hire their own mercenaries, if they haven't already.

Oh, come on--the Chinese "understanding" of capitalism is just as warped as the Soviets like Putin and, like Putin, you're operating on theory without proof of the theory, and it's not like nobody's paying attention to what a sinkhole N. Korea is to you. Yeah, Japan is the main drag on the signing of the TPP, but you might consider  yourself helpful to Japan when all your belligerence makes the signing of the TPP by Japan something of a more urgent matter that it would be without your crap in the South China Sea.

Never mind the U.S.A. being the leader in herding various nations into signing the thing--considering the number of both Chinese and Japanese in Peru, you're basically appointing Peru as leader who'll ride herd on your sorry ass...and Japan's.  You're either in or you're out, and you're working overtime to count yourself out, and I don't see you making friends with Putin, either.

Tuesday TPP UPDATE: Just in via NHK Newsline--Japan's ready to sign on to TPP, so it looks like it's going to drop its tariff sticking point. NICE GOING, CHINA, AND THANK YOU.

And now for the Facebook good stuff....

I'm lookin' at you, Tipa.
Reminds me of something Gloria Steinam said about fish needing bicycles, too. Update to add a comment about abuse, given the situation with the NFL--no matter how much he makes, he ain't worth it.  Kick that bastard to the curb even if your heart has overridden your head. You'll thank yourself later.

...also known in Claraspeak as die, die trying, or give it all you've got.

Speaking of China, the following mentions corporations but should mention China as a corporation...

Hey Bob McDonnell...not that I'm an expert on this rotten institution, but this is true of all other partnerships including business partnerships, I gotta say. Todo o nada.
Wednesday UPDATE on the above topic: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that now, more than half of the U. S. population is single. NBC Nightly's Brian Williams opined that it will mean fewer kids, but me, I doubt that.  There will still be kids, I have no doubt about that whatsoever.  Religion hasn't made a difference in this arena, quite clearly; religion hasn't been able to make a guarantee of morality within the "family values" argument, either, finding instead that straying partners force themselves to stay together "for the kids", or too often as is the case in NFL's Ray Rice's case, and in the McDonnell's case, in it for both the optics and the loot.  As the song asks, "What's love got to do with it?"  Indeed.  But when you're single and in a solid relationship, love is the only thing keeping you together.  All somebody has to do is lift a hand to strike you, and you're outta there--no mess, outside of a possible restraining order

As for the kids--they're basically priced out of the market, so to speak; it'll be the youngsters who are ill-educated that will get caught pregnant without visible means of support. Our wonderful capitalist system makes weddings and kids too pricey, and people who know that won't have any. Well, not on purpose.

BOY I am SOOOOO ready for Halloween.

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