Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Topic A: Jihadistan and lessons from history; Thurs. Topic A

I'm writing this right after listening to the President's Address about dealing with "The Islamic State", an entity that fancies itself to be Califate material while taking pages out of the Genghis Khan playbook and intermingling them with Western mythology about how early Islam spread, a mythology which is patently wrong.

And there's a lesson or two to be had from The Great War insofar as the other reasons that the Ottoman Empire fell.  The common denominator: Arabia, Saudi or otherwise.  You know, the home of the Wahabis, the common denominator between IS and Al Qaida.  The entirety of the Arabian Peninsula set itself against the Ottoman Empire when the Ottomans switched loyalties from the British to the Germans.  And thus we see history repeat itself more than once.

Obama's choice of words were interesting--on the one hand he says that the Islamic State isn't a state, and lists the reasons why this is so...and on the other hand repeatedly calls it "ISIL" as if it is in the entire Levant, wherein lies a portion of Egypt and Israel.  Just because it's in Syria doesn't make it in the entire Levant.  And yet Obama didn't make the case of a threat to Israel, and he could have.  Go figure.

I expect China is still reading my blog--they frequent this site with several visits every day--and China has its own situation with the Uyghurs (Turks), and common to both China and Russia, the  other tribes of Turkmen, all of which have their own visions of a grand Califate, and as such won't find it difficult to recruit from India, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, all of which don't find Pakistan terribly far away.  China, you have bigger problems than Japan et al in the South China Sea, you idiot.  While it may be true that western Europe is distracted by Putin's military exercises eastward, what makes you think that Putin's exercises don't also have China in mind, too? The term "idiot" just doesn't begin cover your description, China.

So you're going to go in league with the Russians, now, China?  Really?  And not joining up with the rest of the West given that IS is a common enemy, and adding the West to your enemies list? You're not just an idiot, but you're a blithering idiot, and I'm sure your fellow idiot, N. Korea, is proud of you in your idiocy. In looking at Japan the way you do, you're still stuck in the turn of the 19th to 20th century, you silly goose. Get your nose out of your Little Red Book and take a look around you at what the world is TODAY.

History is a great thing to learn from, but it's a lousy thing to keep getting stuck in.

The last time I saw a map of  the original Califate Empire, it was on The Daily Show and I saw right off how wrong it was.  It didn't show Islamic rule far enough East, nor far enough south into the African continent.  This is what I mean by erroneous West mythology regarding Islamic history, but just as scratches the surface. It's clear to me that IS is following Western mythology rather than actual Islamic history even though "Abu Bekr Al Baghdadi" (put in quotes because it's clearly a symbolic alias, not the man's real name) fancies himself to be an historian, but there are clear gaps in his knowledge.

Proof? Like I said, his strategy mirrors that of Genghis Khan; if it was truly according to Islamic history, he'd be operating more like Saladin.  He isn't, is he, my Muslim friends. Saladin. Remember him? He's the reason why the West has Freemasons and Shriners. Debatably, he's the reason the West had chivalry, too (Celtic scholars will indeed debate this, and my position would be Richard the Lionhearted import).

Thursday Topic A UPDATE: Commemorating the events of 9/11/2001 like everyone else and considering how timely it is just prior to this date to deliver a Presidential Address re: "Islamic State" and the brutalities it has committed.  And then getting a commitment from Syria's Assad in terms of welcoming U.S. air strikes on Syrian territory.

Not much different than China's threats in the South China Sea compelling an erstwhile reluctant Japan to change its mind about its trade sticking points to become more willing to sign on to the TPP without complaining any further.

It's also worthwhile stating, yet again on this blog, that the original Califate Empire was both Sunni and Shiite thanks to the accord which was reached at the conclusion of the Battle of the Camel, and Saudi Arabia might as well repent its Wahabism, which is contradicted by this and subsequent Califate Islamic history.  Wahabs just pretend to go back to Mohammed's original Islam without actually doing so, and they're frauds.  They and all their religious progeny, which includes Al Qaida, Boco Haram, the group in Indonesia, the group in the Philippines, and Islamic State, etc.  Wahabism/Salafism is a perversion.

Speaking of perverts, so are the Loose Changers/Truthers.  I've been able to debunk the lot of them by being experienced in boiler furnace combustion along with a bit of basic chemistry involving not only combustion but construction (concrete/cement, specifically).  Sure, I know that the whole purpose of the official analyses of how the Towers fell were aimed at reducing prospects of liability lawsuits, and no, I don't trust them either, but the Truthers are just 'way the hell out in orbit scientifically and are just flat out wrong across the board.

Via my new Canadian music history friend on Facebook.  She wanted this image to go viral, and so be it.

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