Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Note to the Pecan Googler and an anniversary update

Note to the person who used Google to search for "pecan husks won't come off":

When a pecan husk won't come off readily, it's due to one of the following:
1) it's not properly ripe
2) it's wormy
3) it wasn't properly pollinated and the shell inside the husk has no proper nut kernels inside.

Regardless of the reason, just throw it away. Keep only pecans whose husks come off cleanly with little to no effort.

Thursday UPDATE: ...and along similar lines of entertainment...I just got this notice in my emailbox:

 Ya, the Mysterious Lab has been around for a long time, folks. Please give me at least a scrap of credit for knowing a speck of something about the performing arts.  At least give me credit for knowing a smidgeon more than a box of rocks. Thank you.

 Oh man, was there ever a big jolt of humongous deja vu with this Edison...

Who won? Emile Berliner. Edison stole the credit for the phonograph, too.

Later: While rifling through an old post I made about "meeting" a new Facebook friend courtesy of Fred Waterer, and how we chatted about old recordings, and I had asked her if she had any Van Brunt...she said she had...and when I revisited that link she gave me I discovered a more recently posted YouTube copy of the first recording of Van Brunt I acquired--and via which became instant fan when I heard it. I'm all but turning handsprings of joy over this find! ...originally recorded by Edison on Amberol cylinder.  Enjoy.

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