Sunday, August 03, 2014

Another beloved person mourned by this blog today

Remembered by us older kids quite fondly still:

Bill Prater, aka Cactus Pete

Also, August 3 = Friendship Day, apparently, providing me with an evocation of what was International Friendship Year.  That would be 1973, for reasons obvious to the radio amateur and shortwave DXer.

MiniUPDATE: I've noticed some oriental traffic to this blog during the course of the day and I suppose they're hoping for some sort of commentary about current events in the Middle East and Ukraine (hello, gri!).

Everybody else has pretty much said everything I've already said on those subjects and I don't have much new to add, except to say this: for as long as Israelis and Palestinians have been trying to out-Dalek the other, God/Allah hasn't favored either side for the entirety of the struggles.  Israel, if you still think G_D favors you, then you think that the U. S. = G_D so you might as well go ahead and put that big fat zero between G and D for all the difference that makes.  Hamas, you're as loco as Boco Haram and ilk who actually believes that Christian rot about how Islam spread by the sword when it didn't.  You guys are just as Western as the Westerners who preach that shit.

If there is a God, he's just laughing at the lot of you as you both survive each other's rockets, escaping the harm that you mete on your children. Killing children is no laughing matter, to be sure, but your God/Allah looks like he's perfectly okay with all of that as he has been for the last hundred years since you jokers thought you amounted to something significant to your God.  Obviously, over the last hundred years, you're just so much dust in the wind.

My dear and reverent Mr. Putin, keep that in mind as you pray to whatever God you worship while you massacre people, too.  The dust you came from and the dust you will return to will put you as an equal to and intermingled with the people you turn to dust before their appointed times and there is no dust empire to be had.  You're not dead yet but you're already a dirtbag.

Something else happened that I really should devote an entire blog entry to is the event that happened this past weekend, ending today, Sunday, is the Enid FLY film festival. I got a chance to see a film that I missed at the Dead Center film fest AND got to meet some of the cast, one member of which also knew a guy known around these parts as Doctor Fear (Brian Young) in association with his horror show, The Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear.  The show began on a local low-power TV station and when the ownership of that changed hands, wound up on Public Access (you guessed it--PEGASYS).  Missing: John Ferguson (Count Gregore). I was given to understand that he was contacted about attending the FLY, but on Facebook he told me that, as old as he is, he couldn't make it.


Army of Frankensteins...opening soon in Japan.

Violinist/fiddler extraordinaire Kyle Dillingham was there, with his documentary about the Mary Rose, and the whole wingding all total was just awesome.

The Mary Rose Foundation
The Mary Rose Trust's Wiki page


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