Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ferguson MO is now an international incident; lesson for China.

Sure, it's an international incident now because Al Jazeera reporters were also roughed up by police.  Here's Al Jazeera's report, which mainly makes as big a deal over the harassment of the two reporters (one of Washington Post, the other of Huffington Post) that our domestic reporters are making a big deal of.  All that Al Jazeera says about its own reporters is, "Al Jazeera journalists covering the protests in Ferguson on Wednesday night were also tear gassed by police" in the middle of the bottom part of the page.

Go figure.

I was on Twitter most of last night because the Twitter feed went fast and furious from various reporters on the ground.  Twitter is where I went when Tahrir Square was happening, and it's where to go when any ongoing event of this nature is in progress, as I Follow a number of news entities there as well as all congressmen.  It's the best place to keep up with developments in Egypt, which include talks of cease-fires and whathaveyou regarding Gaza even though broadcast news entities tend to follow only one item as a major lead, setting the other stuff on the back-burner with only general, superficial treatment.

I would be surprised if BBC America was NOT present in Ferguson, too.

I again recommend Twitter for anyone out there who wants to keep following multiple events at the same time.  If you're still one of those out there who thinks Twitter is just for gossip chatter, I'm here to tell you again--you're wrong.

Thursday UPDATE: Suspicion about BBC confirmed by former Voice of America man and former fellow shortwave radio hobbyist of NASWA back in the day...

Jonathan Marks, formerly of Radio Nederland Weredomroep.
China, the lesson for you is about how police don't bring harmony and can, in fact, disturb the harmony that a community who disagrees with the government enjoys among its members.  Even when it has complaints, it's the community that is in harmony with each other.  Harmony is in the ear of the beholder, not in the arms of any police. The police that are in harmony with a community are servants to the community--not its masters.

Incidentally--Happy Independence Day, India!
You too, Pakistan!

Ferguson UPDATE: Gov. Jay Nixon has put the Missouri Highway Patrol in charge of law enforcement in Ferguson under Captain Ronald Johnson.

ABC News report

I also see that China has returned to my blog. Hello, China, guess what?  I know about your latest incursions into the South China Sea even though I haven't mentioned such things lately.  If you think I've turned a blind eye to Asia, you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

China, you cannot achieve what you don't understand; harmony will always be beyond your reach.  Here's a level of harmony that exists entirely without your government thugs:

I will add that I have no doubt that China regards Ferguson as  a justification for T-Square, the Chinese event that cannot be mentioned in China.  Well, the bright side of being that wrong-headed about Ferguson is that maybe China will bring up the subject of T-Square itself while talking about Ferguson. Ya think?

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