Wednesday, August 06, 2014

GREAT ADAMS' GHOST!! An Improbability Drive at NASA!

Circulating in cyberspace yesterday was some sort of announcement that NASA verified the operation of a propulsion engine that defied physics.  Today, it was debunked.  But hold on a sec, people, take a second look at this latest version of the old EmDrive...

Yea, the main body looks familiar to some of us, and the people who have read my previous post where I touted my background in antique automotive technology will recognize it too.  Kinda looks like a venturi configuration, doesn't it.

Now consider the concept of a space ship that doesn't need propulsion but uses a sail to catch solar wind instead.  Or with a properly tapped venturi-equipped solar-wind sail.  You who know how venturis work  are getting the picture, I'm sure.

Where does Adams fit in?  He's the inventor of the Improbability Drive based on the Brownian Motion principle, of course (well, at least he said that the tea had to be at a particular hot temperature, something which affects the rate of Brownian Motion which generates a maximum field of improbability)--and the genuine English tea has to be particularly hot, as it's used as an infinite improbability generator.  I'm sure his ghost is rolling in his grave, laughing what's left of his arse off.

Mini-UPDATE: It's late afternoon Friday and China just ticked up my blog stats to the significant magic number of page views for today.  Fans of Doug Adams already know what that number is, because it's The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Speaking of blog stats, I see somebody has used Google with the terms "nasa brownish drive".  Ahem--that's Brownian, as in physics of liquid in a container; that's Brownian as in Adams' physics, specifically a liquid in a teacup of sufficiently heated genuine proper English tea, for which any synthetic tea substitute is inadequate.

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