Thursday, January 23, 2014

PEGASYS might die tonight.

New newspaper article about the killing of PEGASYS came out just this morning and I've been moving to post it on Newsvine and trying to contact each and every city commissioner about that fact.

That's why this is a rushed blog posting.  More to come about that, anon, so stay tuned.

Article on the Eagle's site

Vanhooser at his "finest"...

UPDATE: I returned near the end of the meeting whereupon I was told that the meeting wasn't closed-door after all, that I got my facts wrong.   I entered the building with questions about that, and it turns out that the news about a closed door meeting was IF the Commission went into executive session, which it didn't.

I was told they would do that after voting on it at the Commission meeting tonight, so hang on tight, there's more to come.

I can see by checking the blog stats that there's been some further interest in my entry here, and possibly by those who saw me show up to the meeting site.  For your benefit, I say again that I am a citizen reporter with MSNBC Newsvine, and in 2008 worked with Huffington Post's Off The Bus Project, which was a separate website from HuffPo Actual and is no longer online.  And I will not let this issue pass without protest.

UPDATE: It died. Oh, I know that Vanhooser said it'll stay the same but it's just under different management, but that's just one of a long string of other boneheaded things he's said during his tenure as wardsman.  And he hasn't met the feds yet.  FACT: PEGASYS that we knew and loved is truly dead, and what we have left is a corpse puppeteered by power-thirsty incompetent maniacs.

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