Friday, January 31, 2014

Mourning, but busy these days--60 Minutes time travel footnote

I've been spending nearly every waking minute on the PEGASYS situation, and those friends of mine who are currently going through travails must think I have forgotten them.

I have not, and this posting is intended to sent a hug to you, from me, because I am aware of what you're going through, and mention that I'm something of an empath and know how that feels, actually.  Nobody goes through life without some trauma, and I'm aware of everything from a breakup with a girlfriend to an impending surgery which made attention to a living will necessary.  My heart does go out to each and every one of you who consider me to be a friend, and even to those acquaintances who do not.

These are not easy times, even for me, actually, but I do happen to know that in times like these, a friend and a hug can make a world of difference.  You hereby have one from me, and with the following words from a televangelist (even though I'm an atheist, I recognize wise words when I see them regardless of the source)...

Tough times never last; tough people do.  (Robert Schuller).

Hang in there. It can only get better.

This is making the rounds on FB, this Sunday.  Well timed.

P.S.-- big ole hug goes out to +Moukhtar Tba just because he's Tipa. ^_^
I'd hug his birds, too, but they're pretty small. :D

Have fun in Casablanca today, my friend. See?  Even Morocco has a White House. 

Tipa UPDATE: His sister just had a baby!  Congrats to the mother and the new uncle, Tipa! ^_^
+Moukhtar Tba

Uncle Tipa & newborn nephew

PEGASYS UPDATE: Paid a visit to the court house and had a chat with the court clerk. PEGASYS initiated the lawsuit against the City on January 28, and that docket number is CJ 2014-17-02, and that last number indicates which judge will hear the case.  That would be Judge Hladik.  As of today, the City has not responded, and they have 20 days from the date of the filing to respond.  I asked the clerk for a schedule of filing fees, stating that I wanted to submit an amicus brief.  Took a pic of the whole schedule and will sort that out later.

Ah yes, friends and neighbors--Islamic law isn't the only type of law I'm fairly well versed in.  As I told one of the involved attorneys: when I represent myself, I do not have a fool for a lawyer.  Been there, done that, and won--twice.

Sure, that ain't much compared to a professional attorney, but what this says is that I must be doing something right, and for two victories, we're not talking about just getting lucky. As someone who was born and raised in the Catholic Church at a time when only Latin was the language of church service, the legal Latin is a cinch...with a little help from Black's Law Dictionary.  Yup, I'm familiar with that too.   Here we go.

While nearly everybody else is watching a st00pid ballgame this Sunday, I was watching the reruns on 60 Minutes. Most notable rerun was the one about Magnus Carlson, something about him being a chess playing prodigy.  When he was asked about some event in chess history, he messed up.  Well, folks, that's because his time travel specialty isn't the past--it's the future, and the same sort of geotemporal mapping to navigate the past is also applicable to navigating the future, and the one thing a person can do in chess, even blindfolded, is geotemporal mapping.  That's basically the secret behind his ability to play multiple chess games simultaneously.

60 Minutes mentioned something of a canard when it said that Magnus played several games at the same time and the number of possible moves are infinite.  When you consider the limitations of cause/effect, erstwhile known as consequences, the number of possible moves are not infinite at all.  As previously noted by me, a first move can ultimately get you into a pocket universe where it's checkmate in 4 moves and it's game over, regardless of the number of theoretical possible moves you may have.

He has mastered future time travel, because of his use of geotemporal mapping.  Really.  That "conference call" on Doctor Who very crudely called those co-ordinates "time space co-ordinates" but it's more aptly described as symbolic representation of geotemporal map co-ordinates, and one doesn't need to be fluent in Gallifreyan to read them.

Quoth the Doctor: "Humans are so-------linear."  He's right, of course.  We are...except for the chess masters among us, and, well, me.

In all this talk about Doctor Who among G+ communities following that show, I've neglected to mention another time-space production of interest on a number of levels, not the least of which was the MacGyver connection: Stargate SG-1.  The time-space factors really came into play with the episode Window of Opportunity.  To wit:

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