Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Updated again--PEGASYS got another broadside yesterday at special board meeting

Local cable access organization PEGASYS suffered another broadside from city wardsman Vanhooser who is also on the PEGASYS citizen board, and PEGASYS pushed back.  Some.  I'm not convinced that it's enough of a pushback, so I'm announcing the next scheduled regular board meeting scheduled to occur on January 28th, noon to 2pm, 114 S. Independence Ave. (PEGASYS home page)

Usually I'll update an old post on a topic previously covered, but not where PEGASYS is concerned because I also intend to separately send a link to this blog to the City and all concerned on each incident of attack.  Vanhooser was unsuccessful in garnering support for his proposal to nix PEGASYS' contract last time around so now he's trying to turn it into Enid's local Pravda arm of the government, advocating a government takeover of this private organization.

When PEGASYS began, it was supposed to have been the local version of CSPAN
--emphasis on the GAS part (Government Access Service).  Vanhooser in particular needs a basic education on what "non-profit organization" means and the full implication of what a Government Access Service is supposed to do.  It really should be fully funded as part of the cable service contract Enid has with the cable service provider whomever it is because any amount of city funding amounts to a conflict of interest.  Vanhooser?  Just plain nuts.

Here's the latest news of the pushback via Enid News & Eagle.

Article two days ago

Enidites who care about PEGASYS, show up at that next board meeting.  Be there--aloha.

First portion of the letter. The rest follows...

MiniUPDATE, International, Thursday: Egyptian officials have been telling everybody including the AP that 90% of the vote was in favor of its version of the new Egyptian constitution; someone reporting to NPR (program: On Point) about turnout was reporting that the turnout was noticeably lighter than usual.  More students die around the Cairo university.  In Iran, workers are on hunger strike, while in Yemen, 9 soldiers were killed by militants.  I'd provide links but a good number of them are in Arabic.  Newsfeed via Twitter.

This just in:  CNN reporting that an AP cameraman and his driver were arrested in #Egypt

Egyptian artifact dating back to Ramses II
PEGASYS UPDATE: It's strange, oft times, how the passage of time brings about events that changes one's course despite one's most fervent plans and intentions...

{Edited Jan.18, noting that I have to conclude that what I did was die trying.  Again.  When the people whose livelihoods are impacted by cuts that happen over here don't give a snit, it's time to kick that ole bucket, cash in the chips, and bury this thing my own self.  Mourning Period begins in 3...2...1....}
My next step is to "seed" these articles in a series on Newsvine.  Newsvine is a citizen-reporter community run by MSNBC.

Done.  Now to seed the previous article

Done!  Instead of putting the blog post out on Twitter, I put each Newsvine post on Twitter individually.

I'm not optimistic about posting it on Huffington Post because they stubbornly insist that a pen name is the same thing as being anonymous.  I ran into this issue with the grand lady herself when working on their Off The Bus project (I doubt if you google that, you won't find my name mixed in that because this was years ago and they've long since taken that website down.  It was a separate website before HuffPo was sold to AOL and had been incorporated into HuffPo proper between then and the sale). I did a bit of polling place reporting for them at the time just prior to Obama getting first elected).  And yes, Arianna knows my name. ^_^  So do the guys who used to run Arianna Online before she established the HuffPo.  Whether she remembers me or not is a whole different question. :)



{Sigh}....and thus the most fervent of New Year's resolutions to not get into any more scraps and stay outta trouble bites the dust.  FACT:  I don't just roll over for people who expect everybody to roll over, just because everybody in fact does roll over for these people.  I never claimed to be average and I ain't gonna start to claim that now.

FACT: I'm an incorrigible congenital stinker.  Deal with it.
I have to.

As a beauty, I am no star--there are others more fair by far.
But my face, I don't mind it--because I'm behind it;
It's the people in front that I jar.

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