Friday, January 24, 2014

A death in the family: R.I.P. PEGASYS

Oh, I know that the nuts in city hall promise that nothing will change but the management, but that's exactly why the PEGASYS we all knew and loved just died.  The city had already turned it into a zombie, a walking dead thing by picking its bones before the corpse was cold.

This blog is now in mourning.

The following article can be found HERE but after a few views, they won't let you read unless you're a subscriber, so it will be the policy of this blog henceforth to produce only images of articles under Fair Use law without the ability to post links in the future, as that would prohibit future Fair Use access to everyone else in the future.

Nice sentiment, but the bull in this editorial is the expectation of PEGASYS keeping up with the times with repeated budget slashings. FAIL
Link to the editorial is HERE but lotsa luck getting past the subscription gestapo.

UPDATE: this story isn't over, folks.  The remainder of this post will be devoted to visual note-taking for future use.  With the feds, the fat lady don't sing until the feds say she can sing.

This image covers the regulations governing CPB (you know it better as its underling, PBS.  It's not cable, but that's covered somewhere further down this PDF file.  It's where I'm going with this).
Wikipedia ain't worth much as a reference, but as a roadmap thru federal regulations, not bad as a map.  And I totally love maps of all sorts.


What's the point of an FCC when they don't do enforcement? Amateur radio operators already know they're supposed to enforce compliance on the ham bands but they don't. But radio amateurs aren't 501(3)(c) corporations, either.  Perhaps the FTC and/or IRS will have some answers.

The Commish on YouTube

Note to Mr. J. K. and Sir M., Esq.-- if you're under the impression that when I appear to be bragging on my blog about stuff, that you can figure that I'm tipping my hand, you'd be wrong.  Welcome to the blog anyway, even though I happen to know that what you were looking for was MSNBC Newsvine. And I'm sure you found all my reports there.  Think you found my "secret identity", too, just like Tammy thought she did.  Look, kids--everybody knows.  If you didn't know, it's just because you're out of the loop, and I can't help that. By the way, as long as you're Googling me, how about try this one:  Listensprechen Huffington Post.  It'll be lots of fun, I promise. 

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