Saturday, January 04, 2014

Updated: Mini-Obit for beloved coder at SMF: Jeff Rodefer, aka Crip

Obit thread on Simple Machines Forum forum
Cripzone page

Although I stopped with foruming quite some time ago, I was very familiar with Crip's SMF themes and mods.  I still view this with a tear in my eye.  R.I.P. to a top notch coder.

Also deceased, Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers.  Didn't know him, though.  Crip, I knew.

Tuesday the 7th UPDATE: Not much to comment on, not even in the Middle East; the only news out there is about Saudi policy toward Lebanon, and the Angry Arab News Service reports that the Saudis were doing the grovelling.  Even Mona Eltahawy is more concerned about U.S. issues today. Japan's Abe visited Turkey to talk about building a nuclear plant in Japan, according to NHK World....and that's about it. {UPDATE 2:  I spoke too soon. Note below}

Issues with Egypt's constitution still remain--it takes a country to come up with one, not a single faction or just the military alone.

UPDATE 2: I got something interesting in the mail today, and some of that looks like I'll need to write an update on my posting about Mississippi River history.  Steampunkers, heads up--in part, it involves steamship building around where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi and the historic steamship building occurring not in St. Louis but in Metropolis IL.  It came in the form of a quarterly mag published by the SIU Alumni Association, stamped as Volume 756, No. 4, December 2013.

I just might wanna revisit  my old stompin' grounds sooner than I figured.

Damn straight.

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