Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter storm update deux Dec. 21

Last night I was battening down the hatches, bracing for possible power outages and what-not and posted a weather update on this blog at the time.  I took it down just before turning in and noticed by morning that roads were passable and the only power outage that occurred overnight was in a different section of town and it was caused by ice that caused a short--no power lines down.

I was fixin' to go to that Winter Solstice party I mentioned earlier...but here it is, 1 pm, and we're just now getting seriously hit.  Gonna have to cancel.

Pic taken within a minute of posting this blog entry.

....and look what Google Plus Auto Awesome just did to one of my pics.  DANG they're fast!!

These asparagus fronds look plenty lacy when they're green. Brown with white doesn't look bad either.
============================ 4:30 pm ======================

National Weather Service canceled the ice storm warning and said there'd be snow from here on out, but that's not what I'm seeing.  Still getting ice.
Now snow and ice.
And now the worst is over. Whew.  Jumped the shark again. WOOT!

^^^ Released this day in 1959

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