Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fake sign language at Mandela's funeral?

My sign language background is strictly American Sign Language (ASL) but I do know that even in the U.S. there are regionalisms and simply claiming that a sign doesn't mean anything to someone using a different dialect of sign language doesn't necessarily mean that the interpreter's a fake.

What indicates that the interpreter is a fake is the absence of facial expressions which go with the signing.  That's one characteristic that's pretty much universal among all dialects of sign language.  It's on this basis that I agree that the guy who was gesturing was, well, gesturing and not interpreting.

Still, at a state event like that, the dialect of sign language is expected to be understood by the deaf educated in state standards language, and the interpreter's license should demand compliance with those standards, and apparently the guy failed in that regard as well.

Example in ASL--The difference between the kinds of question is in the facial expression. "What kind?" requires a detailed answer, and is indicated by the lowered eyebrows. "Are you?" requires a yes or no, indicated by raised eyebrows.

Now for something completely different...the following commercial makes me do double takes, because of who he looks like.

DANG if that doesn't look like the deceased Jon Erik Hexum. As you might have guessed, I watched him and Meeno Peluce on Voyagers!

Hey! Whoooooaaaaah, there, Whovian ladies, you who think the Doctor is hot--you ain't seen nothin'.  It's obviously clear that American time traveler Phineas "smart kids give me a pain" Fogg is far and away the grand prize jackpot winner at gene-pool roulette.  You got nothin'.  Woof.

The instrument above is called an Omni.  The Doctor would characterize it as a time vortex manipulator, but its function is confined to just fixed points in time. 
Alright alright alright already--yes, I do realize that Jon also won a different kind of roulette--the kind in which he won the Darwin Award. Must have been a stupid gene in there somewhere.

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