Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 mini-retrospective--c'mon 2014!

Nuff said.

...and with that out of the way...Kyle Dillingham concert, here I come!

....and I'm back early from Kyle's afterparty cuz I done run outta fresh batteries.  I'd swear that man makes me send some Duracell employee's kids to college.

Yeah--it was worth it, too.  And guess what else...I got the same seat I got last year.  I'll bet if the preacher noticed, he would have said that the Lord put my name on it and what I should do is go there more often.  Yeah, right.

Same EXACT location I was in last year. ^_^

Best seat in the house for a clear shot at the stage.  Not only that, but when the announcement was made that there would be two carols sung first before Kyle made his entrance, guess where Kyle was standing while the carols were sung...

I done hit the jackpot here.

I came, I went, I got the autograph...even though I've gone to watch Kyle every year, and intend to go see him next year. I've never really been an autograph hound, either--saw William Shatner at a convo once, never asked *him* for one. I guess there's just something about 2013 that is just 'way out of kilter, that's all...perhaps a matter of missing perfectly good opportunities to show people appreciation when there was the chance to.  Good riddance to 2013.  Anyhoo, here's Kyle, who does know now that he's appreciated by me...


I was surprised to hear him perform that Yusuf Islam tune, "Father and Son", at the Five80 Coffee House though--you don't usually hear Christians around here wanting to go anywhere near his material...

...for youngsters who don't know--Yusuf Islam used to go by the name of Cat Stevens before he converted. This is also the first time I've seen Kyle with something other than a violin, too.

Meanwhile, back to the (almost) beginning.  Actually, near the end of the first part, which consisted of the usual religious-themed carols.  And then Kyle mentioned a request, which didn't include his usual Orange Blossom Special (which I've never heard him play the same way twice). What came next was a bit of devilishness in something one could call "Come All Ye Faithful Down to Georgia"...


How 'bout that--on my b-day, too...

UPDATE: Not only do I get a super moon on my b'day, I get a super sunspot, too.
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