Sunday, December 22, 2013

Enid Christmas Sampler deux

I've got a backlog of vids at this point, but this late in the Christmas season, the best stuff is apparently saved for last...not that First United Methodist wasn't good (it's one of my favorites, but they put on more than one festive event, too). I'm just now back from Central Christian Church, and they're darned good and I haven't featured them yet.

Yes, it all began solemnly enough, but you should have seen what else they've been doing.  They even did a choral version of what an opera soloist performed in the previous sampler post.  You just gotta see this.

Kyle Dillingham hasn't done his performance yet, and that's a must-see but I can't promise I'll successfully get into his church.  He packs the place and you'd be lucky to find a place to stand, even.

I will not feature Emmanuel Baptist's notoriously lavish pageant, as they're usually pretty packed, too, but I won't even try.  Out of personal principle.

Anyhoo, the videos are in process at this time--so please check back periodically for additional material.  You know the routine. ^_^

At Central Christian, the presentation' solemn beginnings...

That's the Chancel Choir, which, according to the programme, launched things prior to intermission.  The pic is of the Mixed Company group which followed the intermission.  Here's the programme:

So then--what the dickens is a "liturgical dance"?  It is this:

Okay...intermission...and now introducing...Mixed Company:

You'd be correct in presuming that there are ongoing issues with the bald Santa in the pew in front of me.  You would also be correct in presuming that a nod to Bob Rivers occurred.  But before that occurred, there were the 12 Days After Christmas.  You were warned.

Lyrics for "12 Days After Christmas"

Now, a Bob Rivers standard.  Yes, Bob Rivers is standard these days. ^_^

Next--le coup de gras...


Well, another part of the vid backlog situation is that infernal Blogger uploader.  It takes me 6 or 7 tries to get the !#$&*!! thing to take.  As long as I'm iced-in or snowed-in, I've got the luxury of babysitting it, but that's not always the case.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

A note on the quality of the posted videos--as you can tell from the screenshot still, the vids I record are of HD quality.  When they're processed for blog posting, they're converted to VGA.  Sorry about that, but I have no control over it.

Here's some Kyle Dillingham for ya, from last year's church appearance...

Heh.  Thank you, Kyle, for the invitation!

...and, FYI...

John Ferguson is something of a state-wide Oklahoma legendary vampire known as Count Gregor. He moonlights on occasion for The Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear, a show masterminded by Brian Young...who is also a Celtic scholar.  It was Brian's Solstice party that I had to bail out of.
More on Count Gregor
Still more on Count Gregor

XMAS DAY UPDATE:  What follows now is an assortment, in no particular order, of videos in the backlog, and there'll be something from the past summer of the Summer Wine program at Enid Symphony hall and Enid Lights Up the Plains, etc. 

Two Front Teeth--Jazz Ensemble

Turtledove Tango

Enid Lights Up the Plains band...which a couple of people danced to...
Next, amateur radio club...
Enid Amateur Radio Club shows off its UHF network linkup

View of Broadway Tower & Enid lighting up plains with fireworks

Central National Bank--a birthday is celebrated and the show choir puts on boogie shoes

These folks followed the show choir.  A couple of shots at an oddly-aimed vidcam and the mayor, whose bank CNB is.

A house near Pheasant Run and Country Club rocks out to Mannheim Steamroller

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