Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Weather update, December 4; adding Egyptian news.

I've been spending a lot of time with storm prep (again); the latest forecast as of this evening shows that most of the state of Oklahoma is going to get hit with a 24-hour ice storm, but it won't hit Enid.  We'll get a few inches of snow when it's all said/done, and that's it.

While I expect to be okay, it still means that there might be internet outages because the trunk here comes from downstate.

UPDATE: Nothing much happened up here, not even outages.  Carry on. :)
UPDATE 2: Somebody on Facebook (namely KARK tv) has been Sharing the following image, with which I, a former power plant worker, wholeheartedly agree:
From a C & I instrumentman to the Sparkies (linemen) out there. Kudos.

Good ole Sam Clemens. My kinda guy.


Things continue to go downhill over there, with 3 protesters on trial for violating new laws on protests.  I have mixed feelings about this because of the nature of some of those protests.  It all boils down to Egyptian factions not having enough trust in their fellow countrymen though they may be of other factions than their own to actually have a sense of being fellow Egyptian nationals.  That's what it's going to take to make a nation.

What really gets me, though, is censorship of Bassem Youssef.  He's the Egyptian humorist that was interviewed on The Daily Show. No excuse is good enough for taking him off the air.

Thursday: shooting in Libya.  The Arab Spring isn't over, and not all protesters are worthy of support.  Key word in regard to protesters: PEACEFUL protests; trouble is that the violent are not only among the peaceful but render rival protests violent to set them up for arrests.  As long as this remains the case, neither the police nor the military can be blamed for making no distinctions because they cannot.

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