Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Oklahoma GOP head-over-heels for anti-business Ted Cruz.

Thursday UPDATE, GOP Debate on Fox Edition: Ted Cruz wants a moratorium on foreign workers on H1B work visas...which is anti-business.  Am I right or am I right?  Okies can be such yuuuuuuge suckas for a pretty face...then again, though Mary Fallin declared that no Oklahoman would ever vote for a socialist, well, just look at the vote per county, then.  Mary, you lose.

Oh ha--good question just in:  who did I vote for?  I voted for the only grownup in the pack: Kasich.

With all the tax breaks Oklahoma has given business in the name of being pro-business, the businessman that is Donald Trump didn't win; instead, the guy who has a problem with "corporate welfare" got the nod, and that's after anti-pork Tom Coburn endorsed Marco Rubio with Governor Fallin abstaining from any endorsement...but not before she made the statement to MSNBC that Oklahoma would never vote for a socialist...and then Oklahoma was won by Bernie Sanders.  How the hell did THAT happen?

Seriously--when it comes to corporations, Cruz sounds exactly like Sanders.

Inhofe has nothing but good things to say about Sanders -- Bloomberg

 Oklahoma likes to paint its surface with conservative paint, but underneath that thin skin, it's leftist as hell.  If you're an Okie who is against illegal immigration, then you're against agricultural business, and Oklahoma IS agricultural business...so...you're anti-Oklahoma.

Monday mini-UPDATE, Post-Flint-Debate Edition: I typically make a point to catch the debates of both parties, even when it means catching the repeat broadcast--and so catching the repeat of the Dem debate in Flint, one thing in particular riveted my attention: when the moderator pointed out to Sanders that his anti-corporate-welfare position was the same as Ted Cruz'.  My blog regulars already know that I pointed this out right here on this blog, right here in this particular blog entry, except I didn't try to paint that position as conservative....because it is NOT.  It's a socialist position, to be expected of Sanders--it just looks weird when somebody claiming to be a conservative adopts the leftist position, and what's more peculiar still is how leftist the Tea Party has become while still claiming to be ultraconservative.

But the Tea Party as we now know it HAS been commandeered by somebody featured in yesterday's 60 Minutes show: Koch, and he's on record as saying that he's ultra liberal.  So there you have it, friends & neighbors--I CALLED IT FIRST.

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