Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Trump disses Fox, and now he disses Murdoch's Wall Street Journal

I'm giving a listen to Trump's victory speech and he's just ripping everybody in what we used to know as "the conservative movement" and getting away with it.  He's definitely not Limbaugh's water boy, and Limbaugh's the Republican water boy.  This is like watching a slow train wreck in progress.  Wall Street Journal poll is a phony, he says, and gets applause.


He says he's growing the party and attracting Democrat/Independents and it was the Tea Party mission to purge RINOs.  Looks like the Tea Party AND the GOP establishment are on the outs at this point.
How about that Dem race, huh? Conventional wisdom put Bernie in Florida early with Hillary anticipating a victory party in Michigan. With Trump bragging about how attractive he is to Dem liberals, thus growing the party, it's 11 pm Central time and Hillary hasn't brought out the balloons yet.  Adding insult to injury, Ted breathes down The Donald's neck by adopting one of Bernie's campaign planks coming out against corporate welfare.  Jury's in, folks: the left turned hard left and the right has turned hard left too.

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