Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Enid City Commission, famous for not thinking things through

Yeah, I know that tonight I repeated to the Commission what I'd said earlier, and now Brownlee wants to change the Agenda rules, but nothing proved what I said before more solidly than the crap they were throwing around tonight.

If homeowners think that the Commission has waged war against them, it's because they have and after that homeowner got up to speak tonight, it was well worth repeating.

The Study Session opined that lots of pavement painting stating NO TRUCKS is going to curtail the need for downtown businesses to get their delivery by trucks--specifically Conrady Electric which routinely gets supplied by semi trucks and Galaxy Mattress is always going to need some kind of mattress truck to deliver its inventory...it was a mattress truck that the newspaper reported getting stuck under there a few months ago.

Well, now they perceive a revenue stream problem and what do they do?  They throw money at it--they've hired a Tulsa expert now to do the thinking they were supposed to be smart enough to do.  Repeating myself in explaining Point A Point B basic highschool Euclidean geometry again is called for because they're all products of the science-and-math-be-damned Enid Public Schools system.

But then again, I don't expect mathematical basics will sink through thick skulls any better this time than it did when they were in high school. Yeah, it's like beating one's brains against a stupid immovable wall, but somebody's gotta do it.  The Commission's bright idea of "ensuring a revenue stream" is to spend Enid money in Tulsa--just as brilliant as spending Enid money at Roman Nose...all of which is an admission that the Commission itself is just too stupid to run a city properly.  After all, this Commission thought that Steve Kime was some kind of competent.

Late Night Primary UPDATE: Ya, I'm just now getting caught up with what's been going on with the national scene, and it's amazing--it takes a Trump to shut Limbaugh up.  It takes a Trump to show the stark reality of how far off the conservatives have kidded themselves into thinking they represent The American People when they don't.  Both Trump and Cruz are just as anti-big corporation as Bernie Sanders is, and none of the pro-big-corporation candidates have gotten any traction.  It takes a foul mouthed Trump to attract sanctimonious evangelicals.

Yeah, it's totally amazing.  Totally.
Speaking of the failure of "The Oklahoma Way" as an education philosophy: This just in via World Economic Forum:

Anyone complaining that what one learns in math class never gets used in real life is a blithering idiot.  It's people like that who cost the City of Enid megabucks because they lack analytic skills required to even recognize problems, let alone solve them--necessitating spending Enid money for non-Enid experts in the first place.  The focus of Enid Public Schools on "world class fine arts" starves the City of the ability to pay home grown analytic talent.  They instead prefer to discard mathematically talented kids as just so much rubbish, convinced that analysts from anywhere outside of Enid is necessarily more competent than any given Enid source.  There ya go, folks: Enid Public Schools' classic case of "the soft bigotry of low expectations".  If Enid Public Schools administration is anything, it's a bunch of bigots.

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