Sunday, March 13, 2016

To admit responsibility is to admit liabilty--the Trump riots

When it's Sunday, it's Meet the press' stupid questions, even on CNN's Reliable Sources.

Whatever else you might think of The Donald, one must admit that the man knows his media and his audience as well as how his audience translates into ratings and how the ratings break down into audience demographics. With that said, he's fully aware of how he gets free press coverage stepping around whatever remains of the Fairness Doctrine after Republicans have routinely gutted the thing.  Whether you think this is a mark of brilliance or the indelible mark of a weasel, that's up to you.

So when the analysts point out that fellow Republican candidates agree with liberal media presenters that schtuff happens only at Trump rallies therefore Trump is responsible and one presenter asks Trump point blank if he should admit responsibility, did the presenter seriously expect Trump to do exactly that? COME FRIGGIN ON ALREADY--GEEEEEEEEZZZ!!!
The question doesn't make Trump look bad--it makes the questioner look like a blithering idiot.

And there's this: both major parties engage in "dirty tricks" campaigns against each other and against their internal insurgents.  BOTH of them do this, and correctly predict what the press is going to do when schtuff happens.

Don't get me wrong--I think The Donald does in fact bring out the thusfar stifled violent racist elements that, when left to their own devices, would prefer to go back to the "good ole days" of lynching.  But I also think both parties aren't innocent in setting the stage for the purpose of painting that picture to force a conclusion among voters.  It's what they've done since time immemorial and it's what they spend money to do.  Just ask Ralph Nader.
Quick Addendum:  Just as I hit the Publish button, some gal speaking at the Tucson book festival, just before Ari Beriman took to the mic, said that more people are registering as Independent voters because more people don't like either party.  Well, there ya go.  I'll buy that...but...they're 'way too late to head off this current train-wreck-in-progress.  Chalk this up to shoulda-woulda-coulda-if-only.
Another Quick Addendum: Why do I rip into "liberal media" when, elsewhere on this blog, I've clearly stated that I'm a liberal registered Republican?  I've also stated that I'm an Eisenhower Republican and do take exception to Eisenhower's deportation thing, though, as I recognize that it's American businesses that have relied on people who came here illegally and mention in the same breath that the immigration system is broken and it's a broken system causing all the heartache...and do NOT think the Trump Wall is any kind of good idea.

It's like this, folks--Democrats consider me the enemy, and Republican conservatives share that view; what I've always been is someone who sees the pros and cons of both sides and I refuse to play party loyalty games, which is what all that partisan policy crap really boils down to.  This homey never played that. Ever.

Seriously, Republicans--didn't your so-called "conservative movement" involve voting on principles?  Where do you hide your principles when you take a loyalty oath to support the Republican candidate who wins the nomination no matter who it is, hm?  That's not voting on your principles when the nominee goes against those same principles, is it.

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