Friday, February 26, 2016

Old audience issue comes back to haunt yet again; Viacom again.


My readers who recognize right away the connection between #nerdland and MHP already know what I'm commencing to write about, and they might as well know right now I'm not happy about that one bit--she was the main reason I'd tune in to MSNBC on Saturdays.  I've said it before on this blog and I'll say it again: JOB ONE of the people on camera is to draw an audience, and the only reason MSNBC did a 180 with MHP in South Carolina was because they got several earfuls from HER audience, and she had a loyal one.

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For my readers who still don't know that I'm talking about Melissa Harris Perry (MHP), well, now you know--the queen of #nerdland. When MSNBC mistreated her, they dissed their audience and now they're going to have to do without hers.  Rewind to what I said about Viacom's stock dropping as they lost the audiences of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert...and Colbert's audience numbers for CBS' Late Show bear this out.  He took the Colbert Nation with him.  I just hope CBS is more realistic about audience expectations for Colbert than it was with Robin Williams--CBS was provably out of line there.

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Speaking of Viacom...

And now we have MSNBC stepping in it, realizing too late that the people in front of the camera aren't there for their own benefit--they're there for the audience, and it's the audience that is boss of you, MSNBC.

It's the audience that keeps your lights on, furnishes your paychecks, sets the rates your advertisers think are worth paying for, and pays your stock holders. #DUH

Sunday mini-UPDATE, MSNBC Newsvine Edition:  As you might expect MSNBC 'Viners are discussing this with vigor.  Here's a link to one of the discussions:  On MSNBC Newsvine: MHP Walks Away from MSNBC Show
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