Monday, February 15, 2016

Enid Eagle minimizes sales revenue losses for Enid

The article starts out comparing Medford to Enid on the front page, and inside, mentions in passing "The only other two area county seats..." so if you see this map as 3 county seats beating Garfield County's seat (Enid), it's not bloody likely for the reader reading this article before the morning coffee has kicked in.  Fair enough they point out that this is the 5th straight month of sales decline in Enid, but when you look at Enid as being the state's commerce crossroads that it is, with state, interstate, and Port 33 connections, you have to wonder why the people driving through hang onto their money until they get out of Enid to spend it.

Perhaps it's the case that no trucker in his right mind would even consider spending hard earned cash in a city where there are bridges that eat trucks.  Just sayin'.  One of those prosperous counties abuts Garfield County's northern border; one abuts its southern border, and the third is next door to the west of the county on Garfield's southern border.  TWO counties, next door to each other, to Garfield County's south.  Garfield didn't lose as much as the two counties to the west of it, but it also shows that north-south sales traffic is more robust than the east-west, City of Enid--you shouldn't be surprised that truckers come from Texas and as far as trucking entities go, you're already on the Texas shit list.

Next question: what damn good is Main Street Enid in terms of boosting retail sales downtown?  Answer: absolutely NO damn good whatsoever.  It just makes Enid look like Oklahoma's party capital for blowing wads of capital to the four winds.

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