Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Enid News & Eagle's failure to inform the public and the liberal liars won the day

Sadie Hawkins Day Education Edition UPDATE, up top:
Since posting the post below about the sorry state of local education on the whole and the Enid Public Schools bond-raiding corruption streak which produces entertainment-skilled kids for entertainment export to the two U.S. coasts, THIS just came down the pike from the Wall Street Journal in terms of kids learning skills that design and make things.  In terms of creativity, creating good, safe roads, bridges and buildings just doesn't count because it's not entertaining enough for Enid, so screw science.  And now Enid Public Schools join other public school systems across Oklahoma because of the proposed voucher arrangement that allows public money to follow students even when they choose to go to private school, charter school, or home school.

I fully understand the argument against the measure from a teacher's point of view, and sympathize with that, believe me.  But administrators have turned public education into such a corrupt bond-raiding racket for crony enrichment that my position is that we've gotta start somewhere to break that cycle of corruption.  Sure, private schools have been turned into rackets, too, but we gotta start breaking the cycle somewhere.  Public school corruption is a great place to begin.

From the Wall Street Journal article

The bond issue "overwhelmingly" passed, so the misrepresentations made by Floyd and propagated by the newspaper convinced Enid's liberal voters to turn out.  Get used to it, conservatives: the passage of this bond means that the voter base of Enid is as liberal as its throw-money-at-every-problem City Commission is.  The victories in Iowa and New Hampshire by Donald Trump further illustrates that the conservative argument and position isn't persuasive.  Conservatives are just going to have to suck it up both locally and nationally.

No, I will NOT delete this post. Just because the voting public got successfully snookered doesn't change what the facts are.  Fact remains that the Enid News & Eagle has a complete disregard for the facts including contradicting its earlier reporting on the state of the school system in its previous articles.

The paper formally endorsed passage of the bond issue in its op ed today, which explains why it previously published false statements made by Darrell Floyd in not one but two consecutive articles about the bond, AND why it failed to inform the public that Google will be seeing to each pupil getting a tablet AND other facilities to foster computer science.

Nearly $100 million was spent on renovations to all our schools as of the 2010 bond issue when keeping the Vance Air Force Base was at stake during the Bush era Base Realignment And Closing program (BRAC).  Vance is still here, Vance is already happy with the upgrades and renovations, people, and THEY were the ones concerned about future growth, reported by the same Enid News & Eagle as having been figured into the amount that bond asked for--and got.

I put it to you, Enid--if, after already spending $100 million on renovations already done, with enough "savings" to give a project no voter voted to approve in the form of the Enid High's University Center, what makes you think that Google's unreported contribution to education technology isn't going to result in massive "savings" to be raided for future vanity projects nobody gets to vote on too?  What was spent on the University Center was diverted from the projects voted on, and we still have deficient schools, the paper claims (compare today's paper with the already cited paper printed in 2014), then we can't trust these people with getting more money.

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With Oklahoma seriously contemplating a sales tax hike to fund education needs and Gov. Fallin's State of the State address, the EPS bond tax will just be redundant, levying a burden that will render any future City of Enid project bond issues an automatic NO vote regardless of its merits, so this EPS bond issue is very much the City of Enid's business.

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