Monday, January 11, 2016

Enid Public Schools pork barrel bond redux with Enid News & Eagle

Just a short post to say that the local newspaper announced today that it'll do a series of articles analyzing the terms of the bond for the next few days, and as folks here and on Twitter know already, I've taken the superintendent's own spam flier, printed with school money, apart line by line.  To that I'll add the insufferable pomposity culture of EPS embodied in the person of Tillie Sewell at the Ag Fest this past weekend. That whole entire rotten lot thinks that school money is their personal entitlement program which puts them high and mighty above anyone else.

Plus there's this, which just came down the pike via KFOR, shared on Facebook, which elicited the following comments:

When I retrieve the link to the blog page I've already posted my analysis on, I'll put it HERE---but NO links to any of the Enid Eagle articles because they enforce a pay wall which makes them useless for either education or civics information.  There has been a state-level development on the raising of taxes for the purpose of funding education, too, so if State Question 779 passes (it's still in petition phase, as Petition 403, and it just cleared a hurdle in court)( KFOR report), we're going to be dealing with a taxation double whammy if Enid's bond initiative passes. Anti-tax groups have challenged it, so it would surprise me if Enid's anti-tax society doesn't go up against the EPS bond issue, too.

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Between now and February, I'll revisit the line-by-line rebuttal, and re-Tweet.

For you, here's a reminder that the superintendent himself has no intention of improving on basics of grade school education for future local employment but schemes to train Enid youth for export to New York or California, for those juicy union media jobs out there.

So--this "explosive growth" ballyhooed by both the Enid Eagle and the EPS superintendent isn't even on the State's radar. They figure Enid voters for suckers.

And never forget that the City of Enid already bought EPS plenty of shiny new media equipment when they handed over a cable access channel to them and what they hired a communications specialist, with assistant, for.  In many respects, EPS has more gee-whiz gadgetry than the entirety of the Oklahoma City school system.

So-now that the State has the go-ahead for a vote on a state-wide sales tax, how do you feel about being taxed twice for schools, considering that there is also a bill put forward to consolidate school districts further?  You like taxes for pork that much, do you?

Meanwhile, the superintendent goes singing...

This building was completely replaced, and has a marquee that still doesn't teach the students one damn thing, but it was replaced using private donor money according to the Enid Eagle.

Here's a $99 million bond issue blast from the past, which also expanded classroom space--hey, have we paid THAT bond issue off yet??

Tuesday UPDATE: Slow on the uptake, the Enid Eagle *finally* publishes an article confirming what I've been saying all along:

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