Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Recent development: proof that Enid News & Eagle is City of Enid lapdog, not watchdog.

January 21 UPDATE: Got back from the Enid City Commission meeting with a high score on irritation, but you military folk know how it is: when you're on a vital mission, bugger on and damn the torpedoes.  I did manage to get some great footage to add to a previous vid I made on the topic of what the Commission thinks is top performance of an employee, given that El Three Amigos were out to railroad the City Manager...yeah, the same basic bunch that railroaded Wendy Quarrels, no doubt in my mind involved with railroading the former City Attorney Carol Lehman. Yup, she got railroaded before Wendy did.  Enjoy:

Apparently, adequate fact checking is against the religion of Enid News-aint-got-nothin-to-do-with-it & Eagle and I've dug up irrefutable proof of that while researching the Enid Public Schools bond issue boondoggle.  As I find more proof, those proofs will be posted here later, as I encounter them, so by all means check back periodically.

In this case, what's clearly apparent is that the Enid Eagle's idea of "investigative reporting" excludes reading its own damn paper.  Further worthy of note is the City's practice of passing bond issues, realizing "savings", then diverting money from other bonds WITHOUT A PUBLIC VOTE, to pet projects that weren't approved of when the bonds they've raided were voted on.

To be fair, the track record that Oklahoma has, as a state, regarding science, has been traditionally squirrelly.

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