Saturday, February 22, 2014

Uncivil wars around the globe now include Venezuela and Ukraine

I know it's been a while since I've addressed global concerns, but the fact of the matter is that they keep changing so rapidly that even keeping up with them via Twitter newsfeeds has become a major challenge.

The stats on this blog show ongoing interest in what's been happening in Egypt, and I know that the last thing I posted on that subject is rather old.  Trouble is, the situation there is still in flux.  Time traveler that I am, I do tend to look at the whole planet, though, and what I'm seeing is, effectually, a revolt against global trade interests, actually, as these individual eruptions (no longer can we call it "Arab Spring" because of non-Arab involvements) are indeed interruptions in global trade efforts, not the least of which is the TPP.

From global orbit, in terms of trade, we can see NAFTA, the EUASEAN and the like, and where TPP clashes with ASEAN.  Prior to that was the old Pan-African movement of yore, an utter failure, and OPEC, which runs afoul of all of those.  And should we think that the South American nations east of the Andes is going to be happy with the TPP involving only the nations to the west?  Brazil is hungry for the World Cup for reasons other than simple sporting interests, and that's one of the other Latin countries in upheaval. And what of Thailand, and whether ASEAN or TPP?

The sum of what's been happening, Arab countries or not, is that the governed no longer consent to being governed by the status quo.  The phenomenon is as global as trade is.  And I don't think global corporate interests figured on any of it.

TPP UPDATE, TUESDAY: Although the news of the breakdown in talks occurred Monday, I held off any further comments because I'd been hearing a number of different perspectives on what happened. At this point in time, I'd like to highlight what I heard about Japan, which is already involved in the ASEAN trade arrangement, as well as involved in TPP talks. Via NHK World, English, Japan had tariff issues in this last round.  NHK World, English, also has a categorical rundown of the TPP talks.

The recent resignation of the Egyptian parliament does not bode well; it appears that Sisi is indeed contemplating a run for the presidency. Insha'allah, he should fail.

PM UPDATE: Somebody just used Bing to do a search on just my name, I see. I'll bet that was you, Eric Benson.  Welcome to the world of Clara Listensprechen. "Anonymous" my ass, ha.  Yup--I'm the gal you can count on to remind you as often as necessary that you're just a city employee and not an elected official. That saying about how lonely it is at the top must be true--look how you're spending your Saturday time, honey.  You're trying to spend it with li'l ole me. How sweet. All good reason to once again commence to be insufferably smug for the rest of the day. :P   XD

Happy Ragnarok. YOLO. 

MONDAY MINI-UPDATE: In checking the blog stats this morning, I can see that this post hit a nerve, ha.  Commencing to be insufferably smug for the rest of this day too. 

I also just put up a slightly different This Is Only A Test vid up on the February's First Friday post which now includes the video Instance of Oy footage from a city council study session, now that I've figured out which vid format will import properly to the software I'm using at home.  What's been slowing things down at this end are all the cross-platform conversions that I have to get the hang of and I'm on the low end of the learning curve even at this point.  C'est la vie.

TUESDAY MINI GEORGE UPDATE: He's back home, with considerable less of him than he started out with, and is still getting professional attention. Yeah, George, even over here I can yell "Semper Fi--HOOO-AH!"  Well done, sir.
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