Friday, February 21, 2014

The vast ambitions of half-vast city commissioners of Enid

As you might have gathered from mini-updates on this blog regarding city affairs, the PEGASYS saga is under ongoing development, and the story is far from over yet.  The following appeared in today's paper:

These guys, including every member of this board, is ignorant of the role that the cable provider has in providing which channels of what definition it wants to make available for public access.  If these idiots want HD, they're going to find themselves on the less-viewed upper tier of channels instead of the more visible lower channels providing SD, which is what PEGASYS was.

The word "idiot" just doesn't cover it.  The good ole southern term "idjit" is more apt.

And I'd like to know where they suddenly came up with all of this money that it was starving PEGASYS of earlier when they claimed they couldn't afford it.

Answer to challenges: Yes, I know that there are HD entities on lower channels, but those fall into two regulatory categories, neither of which fall under "public access".  One of those categories is "local content", as in channels provided for local TV feeds, like the major TV stations in OKC, and those will be both lower channels and HD.  Public access channels aren't regulated the way local content channels are.

The other category is cable-only content, and, generally speaking, public access falls into this category but the priority is commercial content providers, which public access is not.  Public access is treated by cable providers as a sort of "red-haired step child" of federal regulation, and cable providers won't provide more of its resources to it than federal regulation demands, and a public access entity that demands HD won't get better treatment--it'll get worse.  In all of its vast ambitions, the City fails to take the cable provider into consideration, which makes City efforts, quite frankly, half-vast (half-assed).

SATURDAY UPDATE--convergence of topics: I got another marriage proposal, this time from a young guy who had no idea just how old I am.  This Saturday follows a Friday night when OETA re-ran the Doctor Who episode "Angels Take Manhattan" in which Amy says to Rory, "Husband--run!"  ...followed by River Song (Melody Pond) saying to the Doctor, "Husband--shut up".  In Saturday's newspaper came the weekly local TV listings in which was announced that there would be a re-run of the performance of one Debra Conner, as Zelda Fitzgerald. The common denominator? The antiquated institution with regard to mental health, that's what, and I'll mention again the situation posed by the Broadway play cum motion picture, "Gaslight".  With that, I'll express hope for this hopeless institution by mentioning the emergence of same-sex marriage, the only hope the institution has for evolving into something more civilized than has been its track record ever since it was invented.

Facebook meme that sounds funny now, but was taken seriously in yester-year at a time when The Stepford Wives was a reflection of society's (and religious) ideals, resulting in real casualties.

On the farm, selective breeding of domesticated animals is called "animal husbandry", and there's a good reason for that.  It just seems to me that it's long overdue for humans to grace themselves with something more suitable for human beings than a concept conceived in humanity's repeated Dark Ages, including those Dark Ages when mental health was used as a weapon against women, under the religious belief that it's God's natural law demanding that women be happy with the lot served to them when marriage was considered to be laudable as well as necessary and unhappy women were necessarily unstable, in need of institutionalization.  It will be the gays that saves marriage from itself, in my view.

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