Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An actual class taught on time travel? | City update

I was browsing Facebook for any news of George while the Colbert Report was on the tube, which got my attention when guest Brian Greene commenced to explain worldscienceu.com's online lessons and took the time to explain time.  Touched on time travel a bit, too.

Now, I've got an issue with what was discussed on the Colbert Report in regard to time because the discussion stuck with the benchmark of the "speed of light", and speed is a function of time and distance--so if you have the speed of light defining time, you now have a recursive definition, and that 'un won't fly, Orville.

So I'm signing up for the course (it's free).  Let's see how Mr. Greene takes to having a time traveler in his class.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: I just heard that George is post-op and doing well--just incapacitated at this time.  That's certainly good news. No doubt recovery will take a long time, though.
UPDATE 2: Earlier in this blog I had thrice indicated reasons to be insufferably smug.  Well, in that regard, another Doctor Who reference in in order: Melody Pond's doggerel about "penny in the air....and the penny drops".  Those earlier posts = threepence in the air.  Today is the day when 3 pennies drop.

I might as well add that although the character Clara Oswald has a lot in common with moi, right down to the feisty bit and being an impossible person, there's a huge helping of Melody Pond in there, minus the bit about marriage--plus I'm a whole lot better at history.  Just picture the two-fisted derring-do and you've got it. (Alright already--yes, they're American pennies.  Now bugger off, tosser.)

CITY UPDATE--3: Got confirmation of one of those pennies dropping this evening, in the form of a rather irate city manager getting all in my face. While I remain concerned about George, this major event warrants my commencing to be insufferably smug and a half for the rest of the day.

City Employee (manager) Eric Benson. YEAH he got that close. Zoom was not used with this. The score as of this inning: Clara 2 Benson 0.
"Penny in the air............

                                                                            ...............penny drops."

THURSDAY GEORGE UPDATE: He managed to get his mitts on a computing device and updated his status on Facebook this morning, expressing an intense desire to get the blazes out of where he is.  And it's quite possible that he hasn't convalesced to the point of being able to be out on his own quite yet, and that its his meds talking.  Basically, he's returned to consciousness and is feisty at that, and those are good signs at least.  I also know he reads this blog, so I'll say something further about what transpired before he went under, something that goes to the heart of a certain matter.

In my treatment of what he said in my regard earlier, and my response to it, it's not to be construed as my leading him on.  Au contraire--it's my way of treating the situation with kindness because I know what the phenomenon is like, and I'm convinced it happens to all of us because of the human animals we are, and cannot deny.  The heart wants what the heart wants and when you try to reason with it, it won't listen.  It never does. The only thing to do is just ride it out, and sometimes that might take a rather long time...but it's only the human chemistry, an illusion, and the masters of illusion in Hollywood shouldn't be surprised by groupies and really fanatical fans because it's the illusion they're in love with.  It happens to the best of us, even me.

When such a phenomenon is revealed under the duress of a possibly fatal medical condition, far be it from me to take a reason to live away from somebody even so.  Because of the chemical nature of the phenomenon, to be cruel would have medical consequences, and I like George too well to do that. He's conscious and he's feisty and I celebrate that.

For all the talk about my time traveling, I'm not a Gallifreyan timelord, and I'm definitely not British--I'm all too human, as it happens.  Surprise. I've walked a few miles in those shoes.  My Prince Charming is somebody I've been with over the decades, I'm happy, my heart is not on the market but somebody did manage to steal it for a moment and nobody's more surprised at that than I am. How the hell did that even happen? But I know it to be an illusion, lovely impossible illusion though it might be. No person of science can explain that which defies reason.

Illusions have a way of fading away, though, and reality has a way of reasserting itself, and to make a reference to a certain congressman who claimed he was hiking the Appalachians, no amount of Appalachian hiking keeps reality from setting in when it does.  Those who marry on the basis of illusion are the first to get divorced--there's that.

Illusion is why, medically, placebos seem to work ("placebo effect"), and why talking to somebody in a coma seems to be beneficial.  Illusions can be good things too, especially during times when a person is going through whatever rough patch he's going through.  It can make the difference between giving up and hanging on, and as for George, I definitely wish him all the best.  Regardless of anything else, he's still my friend.

GEORGE UPDATE 2: His situation took a strange turn and beyond that I'll be giving more respect to his privacy beyond this point.  George, I know that you read this: your friends and your cousins are still pulling for you, buddy.  Hang in there, come what may.
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