Friday, February 07, 2014

February's First Friday Update

I know I haven't posted a fresh blog post for about a week now, and my regular readers have been dropping off a bit at this point even though I have updated my previous post periodically.

Here's the deal--regarding the recent shenanigans committed by the City, I've been up to my own counter-shenanigans and to say any more than that at this point would be to prematurely tip my hand.

At the point in time when I can talk about what mischief I've been up to, you can bet it'll be a juicy post.

It's just the case that "it ain't soup yet".  But by all means, stay tuned.  For now, let's just say that I'm fixin' to revisit some of my own ancient history.

I'll bet this turns out to be true in Enid regarding Eric Benson.  I am about to find out the hard way.

UPDATE: The following, circulated by a FB friend who actually does know me all too well...

Also under construction....

A clay version of a mini City Council will meet here, greenscreen and all. :D
LATE SATURDAY UPDATE:  Another piece in this matter just fell into place, but I can't divulge at this time what it is.  It has nonetheless been the cause for me to commence being insufferably smug for the rest of the day.


It's official--it's on.  I am now publicly recognized as being on the city manager's radar.  I got some lovely footage of that, too.  En garde!

Commencing to be insufferably smug for the rest of Monday, too. ^_^

....ummmmm.....just got word that another friend is headed for surgery, out of his own state, though.  That pretty much puts a damper on things at the moment. :(

....and speaking of stuff I just found out on Facebook, some "genius" is thinking it's a great idea to sell "concrete canvas", bragging that its pliable to manipulate into any simple shelter type shape, add water, and voilĂ , instant shelter.  Sorry, kids, but I gotta put my scientist hat on for this one and revisit an old argument I had with Truthers about how only explosives can render the Twin Towers into powder.

Think of it this way: there's a reason for the existence of rebar.  Concrete is just quicklime plus aggregate plus water, and once it's in the presence of fire, it turns from a solid back into a powder again.  Concrete without aggregate = cement, so you see, there's even a reason for aggregate to be mixed in...and that reason is that cement isn't as solid as you think it is after the water is added...and even the aggregate isn't sufficient for construction, which is why we have rebar.  Pfffffft.

New movie on my must-see list: "Mr. Peabody and Sherman".

The following is just a test--it is only a test...

By golly, it looks like it worked.  Gonna have to fill in those blank pages with some more images, then. Hehehehehehehehe....
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