Friday, September 27, 2013

Limbaugh is a time traveler now. Really?

Last night while I was fixin' to post a blog entry about Maid in the Shade, the antique B-25 currently on display at the Woodring Airport just outside of Enid, The Colbert Report reported that Rush Limbaugh has written a kiddies' book about a time traveling horse he rides under the guise of Rush Revere.  I'm sure that last name is something his listener base gave him the impression of, but that's THEIR problem.

For the record, the claim I make as a time traveler does NOT in any way resemble Limbaugh's second childhood fantasies.  When I do it, I do it for the purpose of establishing accurate history, not to rewrite it.  However, here's another cautionary note to actual historians: time travel is adventure, it's sexy, and you guys are just melba toast by comparison even when you "bring history alive" with your two dimensional presentations.  Limbaugh has invented a third dimension--I urge again that you guys shoot for an actual one.  Doctor Who has a much bigger avid audience than Doris Kearnes Goodwin.  So does Marty McFly, for that matter. Remember that.

Wikia on Time Travel, for what it's worth
 My version
What I do--the basics

Speaking of Yahoo Answers, I've found the new changes there to be daunting and so I'm not participating as much in that as I used to.  Still there, but not much.
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