Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Iranian developments, new over old

Young folks who find that talks with Iran are actually possible at the UN quite astonishing would do well to review just how western Iran's elders actually are.  I should know, because those elders are my contemporaries and I went to school with a few of them when Iran was ruled by a western-backed tyrant named Shah Pahlavi.

Back in that day, Iranian students in the U.S. were numerous, but they were also organized in protest to the Shah.  I should know--I joined that protest.  It was like a Persian Spring when the Shah was deposed, but what happened to Iran is what Egypt fears happening in its own land now: simply trading one tyrant for another.  That wasn't what was supposed to have happened, even by Persian protester standards.

Believe me when I say that I know that what opposition exists in Iran is led by western-schooled Persians that I know enjoyed what freedoms they had in the U.S. and hold that as a high standard, but that includes the freedom to be Muslims--freedom of religion--something the Shah had prohibited.  Iran went from one extreme to the other, but here we have before us today is an opportunity to normalize, AND with Iranian support.  A different Ayatollah is in charge from the one that took power after the Shah was exiled, and a different president presides.  There are Iranian elders that see this as promising.

Let's not blow it, America.

That was CAIF in the late 1970s. Today's CAIF

A gal representing the IRIB on Facebook has more than just a page representing Iran Radio on shortwave now, and has invited me to like all of those pages.  I did, mainly to keep a closer eye on where official Iran is at on various topics.

Iran English Radio Blog on Facebook
Media Blind Spot Facebook Page
Save Palestine on Facebook

With all the hullabaloo over the #shutdown it seems that the rest of the world's news came to a screeching halt over here.  Had to go on Twitter to watch what my Middle East follows were posting.  Interestingly enough, Fire Dog Lake posted an interesting take on it, re: Bibi and including Syria.  So, what of Netanyahu now that our government doesn't have the money for his big ideas?  Hmmmmmm.

I know which party claimed all along that shutting down the government would be a good thing and nobody would notice the difference unless it was an improvement, but I'm sure none of them are members of AIPAC, or the American Jews who were convinced enough by Romney's claim that Republicans were Israel's best friends forever to vote for him in the last presidential election.  So--who else is being pissed off by the #shutdown? Republicans in "red states" with military bases because their privatization effort means that civilian support gets the axe first.  Thanks for proving that privatization doesn't work well in government, genius.  Republican patriots my arse.  What they're good at is making Khrushchev look like a prophet by fulfilling his wildest dreams.

Sorry I haven't written an update on this topic although one is called for after recent P5 talks with Iran.  Another meeting is scheduled and it's too soon to comment further, although I will when the situation develops into something in less fluctuation than is the case currently.  By all means, stay tuned.
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