Wednesday, September 04, 2013

International Radio Festival under way in Zurich this week

It's not the usual "international radio" we think of when we think of the "world bands" on shortwave, but the Zurich International Radio Festival, mainly FM type radio, is de facto international insofar as it does have global inclusion.

Came to my attention via Yahoo Group DXLD (short for DX Listening Digest), as posted by Mike Terry.

In other news, sometimes a lot of different things worthy of blogging about take place all at once, and this is such a case.  Some time ago, the Enid Symphony series "Summer Wine" wrapped up and I had a bunch of videos to post on that, but it took a back seat to other more national events, and just yesterday I attended a meeting of Garfield County Democrats only to discover that one of the reasons I had to be cagey about exactly what I posted regarding a particular City Council meeting also showed up at this meeting.  Considering how this particular wardsperson previously voted in favor of cutting the funding to PEGASYS, I was surprised to find her giving a speech as a Democrat. Dog in the manger, if you ask ME.  She voted in PEGASYS' favor this last time, but not previously. 

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