Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Watching Enid City Commish getting increasingly lost in the purpose for ordinances

Over the past few months, the Enid City Commission just spins its wheels revisiting old issues they resolved by previous votes, turning the Commission sessions into extended study sessions, forgetting what previous studies established. 'Round and round in the same ole circles they go without a clear view of any path forward.  Circular sidewalk issue, perhaps.

Whining about what's fair gives you a Commission attempting to arrive at a one-size-fits-all when it can't, especially on the issue of sidewalks, and when the City gets stacks of applications for ordinance variances, they feel like they have to issue stacks of variances or overhaul the ordinance to make one ordinance fit all, losing sight of why there are differences in zoning requirements...and then get stuck over "mixed use" (mixed commercial/residential).

They created that patch of tar and keep getting stuck in the crap they themselves create.
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