Monday, December 07, 2015

SCOTUS declines an assault gun case as the NRA gives liberals more ammunition

Yeah. The Roberts SCOTUS is overwhelmingly conservative and this is what we get--gay marriages legalized and now no upholding of a claimed constitutional right to a specific type of fire arm because SCOTUS permitted a ban to remain in place.  What is this world coming to?

Well, for starters, to win an argument before this or any other SCOTUS, you need a reasoned argument and with the mass shootings, including the shootings of children in schools, it's reason that has been vacated.  The same people who will kill abortion doctors and terrorize clinics over fetuses will fight for an assault rifle's right to kill schoolsful of after-birth fetuses, so go figure. Nobody in the NRA could furnish a reason for why that is legit, except to say that it takes good guys with guns to come to the rescue against bad guys with guns, and yet it has come to pass that a mass shooting at a fort installation happened even in the presence of trained good guys with guns, and this pattern repeated itself even in the presence of good guys with guns elsewhere.

If good guys with guns were effective against bad guys with guns and bombs, we wouldn't be talking about banning all Muslims coming into the U.S. and tracking all Muslims already inside the U.S. as an actually serious workable idea, now, would we.  Trump in particular hadn't even considered that that would be an anti-business move, considering all the Muslims abroad that are in the energy industry, like the ones we import petroleum from.  Not to mention all those Muslim reporters who successfully get around in Muslim areas to get the stories, because they're Muslims. He's gone so far as to say that none of the Muslims currently fighting on our side in the military should count on just staying out, but in doing so, he's also said that our petroleum business partners can't come in here either.  Oklahoma, the HQ of the NRA, should have a huge  hissy-fit problem with anti-business moves in their nearly monoculture industry other than wheat.

Here's a reminder that the GOP was the party IN FAVOR of turning over the operations of ALL United States international ports to a company in Dubai.  Betcha don't remember that one, but it happened.

Sure, that was the GOP establishment and the front runner status of Trump shows that the establishment has completely lost its grip on its own party.  When the Tea Party first arrived in Oklahoma (specifically Enid) I talked to organizers who told me that the GOP was too liberal and they hated Dubya just as much as any liberal ever did and more. I saw Enns and Anderson pander and bow to Brogden with my own eyes. This was the establishment committing cannibalism on itself and it was an amazing thing to see, let me tell you.  Just about every rank/file Oklahoma conservative and their representatives fell in line behind that Gadsden flag cheering the vilification of the party within which the politicians rose to success.  And that's when the Oklahoma Right took a hard turn to the left.

You want small government so small you could drown it in that proverbial bathtub? That's the anarchist's position and that's leftist, not conservative.  The Tea Party whines louder about  "corporate welfare" louder than liberals have ever done to the point where they sound exactly like Bernie Sanders.

You hate that evil Washington government, so that puts you in league with ISIL.  They do too, and what we've found with the NRA is that they'll fight for ISIL's right to buy guns without that evil government tracking 'em.  What do you wanna bet that the sales of arms to ISIL is personally conducted by Oliver North--that's his bailiwick since his gun-running days to the Contra.

Oh, for the good ole days when the enemy of the U.S. were the Commies and everybody in the U.S. was united against Commies. Now we're divided between the government solves all problems bunch and the U.S.-government-is-evil bunch which has that in common with ISIL.  A house divided cannot stand.

The NRA has a tradition of being critical of government regulation even though the First Amendment experiences regulation (fraud, libel, slander, and plagiarism are all outlawed, for example, and nobody whines about constitutional infringement with those).  The NRA doesn't offer solutions to gun related problems except when pressed to, and when it does, they're as ineffective as the good-guys-with-guns argument they've concocted now.  Why?  Well, how can we tell who is a good guy with a gun from a bad guy with a gun if we're disallowed background checks, hm?  Conservatives used to be strong on law enforcement, law and order--but now we have this anti-law-enforcement position that confuses the hell out of the best of the force's finest and promotes, instead, old time shoot-outs at the OK Corral and public streets a la the wild wild west.  Sheriff Joe calls for citizens to shoot it out before the police arrive, which raises the question as to why we pay for police in the first place when we could just have good guys with guns doing police work for free.  The police union would love that, I'm sure.

Nope--all that is leftist anarchy, folks. That's NOT conservative.

Oklahoma sheriff wants police to be paid to sit on their asses  while people should volunteer to shoot other people for free.

Simple statements of undeniable fact:

And speaking of anarchists, check out this Pew study's entry for 1903:


Thursday mini-UPDATE: Currently working on some images for tomorrow's Anonymous event, #TrollDay against Daesh.  My blog regulars already know about my statements to the effect that, where Islam is concerned, Daesh are blasphemers.  Here's a preview for you, a troll image that gets the point across.  See y'all tomorrow!

I updated that image by adding Trump hair to the guy with the upright gun and posted that on Twitter.  Done up a few more, too.

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