Saturday, December 05, 2015

The crack in the Broadway Tower's brick facade and questions.

I should know about questions--I'm the Grand Inquisitor.

Dear Enid, about the Enid Eagle's article as to the reason why Broadway Tower was evacuated:

Moisture was the first cause that came to speculative officials as to why the facade cracked, and it's only a facade.  But we also know that moisture, freezing and thawing, is what causes potholes every year.  Question: Why hasn't the Broadway Tower's brick facade cracked EVERY year, hm?  I mean seriously--Enid's been hit by ice storms before, repeatedly.  There was even a monster storm bigger than the last one that hit in January some years back, and did the Tower's brick facade crack then?

It hasn't, you know.  And because I know many of you are superstitious, I'll propose this possible (?) answer: the ghost of Rex Faulkner has returned as a vengeful poltergiest.  XD

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