Friday, November 27, 2015

'Tis The Season . . . to focus on police. How does Enid's force stack up?

Ever wonder why there hasn't been the widespread cries of outrage over the way the TPP attempts to gut unions?  Could it be it's because the revealed function of police unions were to create fabricated cover-ups for the worst among them?  Sure, there are good cops but they have to work with their brotherhood members who aren't, and by keeping their lips zipped as union members, they're just as guilty as the bad cops.  So no--when there's an attempt to rally support for other unions of other professions, not a whole lot of non-union people will run to the rally.

I've said on previous occasions that I can recognize Chicago miles away, and that Enid looks more and more like  Chicago.  On several occasions I've seen more than one squad car pull up for routine traffic stops, and although they do put on a great show of dramatic drug busts on occasion, it doesn't seem to put even a small dent in the trafficking around here.  Perhaps it's because they prefer to send a SWAT team to stop bicycles?  Have a look:

Even other unions have a problem with certain police unions: Star Tribune article

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