Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris, this blog with its Linux trackers, and my friend in Cairo

I went all Snowden on those Linux trackers, pretty much miffed that every move was followed by pairs of Linux machines, and yanked 'em around for fun at first, and it is true that this blog is also generally Muslim friendly--but make no mistake: I'm all in favor of tracking whomever it is that have other nefarious interests and I hope they get caught.

It's true that my friendships have also attracted the wrong kind of Sunni evangelicals out my way and I hope they get caught too.  Linux guys, if you're going to catch the bad guys by staking out this blog, then I roll out the red carpet of welcome to you now.  Go get 'em!!!

My biggest problem with the Linus trackers is that they keep triggering Blogger stats and give me a false count of actual readers. Could I talk you guys into some kind of "silent mode" to where my stats don't count you guys?  I mean really--if you're just tracking activity, quit meddling with the stats fer cryin' out loud. I thought you blithering idiots were smarter than that.  If you're not smarter than that, then fercrissakes get a eddikashun.

Effing blithering IDIOTS.

Refugee Act of 1980 (PDF)  means that governors can't say their states won't take in refugees, and that includes those governors who genuflect to Saint Bonnie Ronnie Reagan.

Wiki page on the Refugee Act of 1980

I'm just now hearing about the manhunt in progress for that Belgian linked to the Paris attacks. Police found him, let him go, and resume looking for him. Inspector Clouseau LIVES.

And there is NO doubt whatsoever that M. Clouseau employs those clowns with the Linux machines.

Full Wonkette article

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