Thursday, November 05, 2015

Enid Eagle's palacious editorial, video blog commentary via YouTube

My regular readers know I haven't posted here in a while and that's mainly because I've got my fingers in multiple pies at this time and that would really really really make the keyboard messy.

As far as the attempted coup by the Three Stooges of the City Commission, what I've done is utilized the City website to send each Commissioner a message about that.  And I've got some video footage I need to process first.

I'm certainly glad y'all keep checking back here. Thank you for your loyalty.  As soon as I come up for air, you can bet I'll comment about that along the lines of the comments I've already submitted elsewhere in cyberspace on that matter.  By all means, please do stay tuned.

Friday UPDATE: Completed the video and uploaded it to YouTube with the description stating that Brutus, Cassius, and Sancho Panza were scheming to do some backstabbing.  Enjoy!

After posting the vid on Facebook, this appeared as a comment:

Dennis is a Ward 5 constituent and one of many who feel the same way. Trouble is the turn-out, though. City government has had this ongoing problem for so long with other members of the Enid Cabal that they feel that voting won't make a difference--only the cabal members runs for office.  That's the thing which has to change.

Saturday UPDATE: Catching Brian Carr on ETN ripping into Jerald Gilbert and I'm taping it to include in a revised version of my video cuz it really does sound like these three goofs listened to his every word, got riled up, and then zoomed in on Mr. Gilbert just as if they'd saluted right after being given orders from Mr. Carr.  Oh, the next Punched Out Judy is going to be delicious!
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