Friday, November 20, 2015

Calling all my coder friends, calling all Toogrians--you have the skills for this.

Here's the LINK to the article
LINK to another article on this

Yeah, gri, I do mean Toogrians too. You love Putin so much I'm sure I don't have to twist your arm to get you on board with this...or any of your Toogrians, either.  Come on, everybody.  Let's do this.

Anonymous IRC channel
Noob Guide (plain text)
Reporter Guide (plain text)
Searcher Guide



Monday UPDATE: People associated with NATO said that Anonymous should leave these actions to the professionals...but we've already seen just how effective the professionals have been; it's a matter of poor track record. And this morning, Twitter chimed in about how the Anonymous list of Twitter accounts were wildly inaccurate, whatever that means.  Here's a link to an article on Daily Dot, which will cause the Firefox browser to choke, proclaiming that it's an insecure connection:  Daily Dot article

T-DAy Eve mini-UPDATE: Forecasters call for an ice storm tomorrow thru Friday.  Got my batteries & camping gear all prepped, so if we're gonna be without electricity for a solid month like we were the last big blaster ice storm a few years back, I'm READY this time.  Bring it.
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